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2014 Green-e Verification Report

2014 Green-e Verification Report
Green‐e Energy certified retail sales reached nearly 38 million megawatt‐hours (MWh) in 2014, the highest number of certified retail MWh in Green-e history. Over 55% of the installed wind capacity in the U.S. is participating in Green‐e Energy certified transactions. Download the Report »

Green-e Direct
The Green-e Direct renewable energy certification option allows organizations contracting directly for renewable energy or installing on-site generation to have their renewable energy Green-e certified. Learn More About Green-e Direct »

"What Is a Renewable Energy Certificate?" Video
We recently developed a short animated video to help illustrate how RECs work, including how they are created, tracked, traded, and finally sold to end users. Watch the Video »


What is Green-e? Green-e is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market. Green-e offers certification and verification of renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation products. It is a program of Center for Resource Solutions. external link

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