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Green-e is administered by the nonprofit organization Center for Resource Solutions. external link

By Mail:

Via US Postal Service, DHL, FedEx, UPS or other carrier:

c/o Center for Resource Solutions
1012 Torney Ave., Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94129

Please specify in the first line of the address which Green-e program you are trying to reach: Climate, Energy or Marketplace.

By Email, regarding:

General Program Information
info [at] green-e [dot] org
Green-e Energy
energy [at] green-e [dot] org
Green-e Climate
climate [at] green-e [dot] org
Green-e Marketplace
marketplace [at] green-e [dot] org
news [at] green-e [dot] org
webmaster [at] green-e [dot] org

By Phone:

Phone:     415-561-2100
Fax:          415-561-2105

For a list of Green-e staff and their responsibilities within Green-e, see the Staff page.

For the Media:

Jeff Swenerton
Communications Director
415-561-2119 office
jeff [at] resource-solutions [dot] org