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Green-e Governance Board

Green-e Energy and Green-e Climate are governed by an independent board called "The Green-e Governance Board" (Board).  The Center for Resource Solutions serves as the program administrator. 

Purpose of the Board

The Board ensures that the Program's standards and policies are appropriate and necessary to meet its stated goals and objectives, and that certification and verification are handled in a credible and effective manner.  The Board regularly reviews the Program's standards and will amend them as necessary so that they remain consistent with changing circumstances and evolve with market conditions.  The Board will receive and act on recommendations from the Power Marketers Advisory Committee (PMAC), the Utility Green Pricing Advisory Committee (UGPAC), the Climate Marketers Advisory Committee (CMAC), and an Advisory Stakeholder Group to ensure the Program is practical and consistent with broader public policies. Two subcommittees of the Board will also serve to review and make recommendations for Board approval of Green-e applications for utility green pricing programs, and for implementation of and review of applications to the Green-e Climate Standard.

Board Members

Bud Beebe, Chair + ~
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (Ret.)

Anne Blair *
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Jeff Deyette
Union of Concerned Scientists

Pedro Faria ~

Barry Friedman *
Friedman Solar

Jenny Heeter ~
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Susan Innis *
Xcel Energy

Dina Kelley *
Renewable Northwest

Jennifer Martin
Center for Resource Solutions

Dan Sobrinski ~
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

Sasha Stashwick
Natural Resources Defense Council

Blair Swezey (CRS Board Representative) ~
SunPower Corporation

Non-voting Members, from program participant Advisory Committees

Climate Marketers Advisory Committee (CMAC) Chair

Kory Trapp ~
Carbon Solutions Group

Power Marketers Advisory Committee (PMAC) Chair
Scott Eidson
3Degrees, Inc.

Utility Green Pricing Advisory Committee (UGPAC) Chair
Heather Mulligan
Puget Sound Energy

* Utility Green Pricing Sub-Committee Member
+ GHG Sub-Committee Member
~ International Sub-Committee Member