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Find Green-e Certified

Green-e certified renewable energy and carbon offset products meet the most stringent environmental and consumer protection standards in North America. You can search for certified green power and renewable energy certificate programs for your home or business, and carbon offset products to offset your emissions from activities like driving and flying.

Search Results:

Provider Product Type Product Name Available in Renewable Content
3 Phases Renewables REC's Everywhere Various
3Degrees Inc. Multiple Mix Product Everywhere Various
AEP Energy Inc. Eco-Advantage Everywhere 100% Wind
AEP Energy Inc. BSE-G1 Everywhere Various
Agera Energy Residential and Commercial Renewable Energy Certificate Pure Wind Everywhere 100% Wind
Alameda Municipal Power Utility Green Pricing Alameda Green CA 95% Wind 5% Solar
ALLETE Clean Energy Commercial Renewable Energy Certificate Wind Everywhere 100% Wind
Alliant Energy Utility Green Pricing Second Nature IA; MN; WI 86% Wind 13% Landfill 1% Solar
Ambit Energy Holdings LLC Ambit Certified Green NE CT; ME; MA; NH; NY; RI 100% Wind
Ambit Energy Holdings LLC Ambit Green Power TX TX 100% Wind