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Green-e Marketplace Requirements

View the Application ChecklistGreen-e® Marketplace is a unique certification program that recognizes organizations using certified renewable energy and enables them to demonstrate their environmental commitment through the use of the nationally recognized Green-e logo.

Organizations wishing to join Green-e Marketplace and use the Green-e logo must:

  1. Purchase Green-e® Energy Certified renewable energy and/or generate a qualifying amount of electricity from an eligible1  on-site generation facility; OR match 100% of the event, vehicle fleet, or facility's carbon emissions with Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets.
  2. Meet all requirements outlined in the Logo Use Agreement and Referenced Documents:
  3. Attest that the organization has met its renewable energy commitment by submitting the appropriate Attestation Form(s):
  4. Annually attest that the organization has met its eligible renewable energy and/or carbon offset commitment by submitting the appropriate Attestation Form(s). First year program participants must submit their Attestation Form(s) with the Logo Use Agreement.
  5. Submit annual Green-e Marketplace fee.

Organizations have the flexibility to choose whether their entire organization or a part of it use the Green-e logo.  The organization must attest that they have met the minimum renewable energy requirements as indicated in the table below.

Minimum Commitment Requirements for General Usage Claims
Company/Facility Electricity Use (Annual)
Minimum Renewable Energy Purchase/Generation
Above 100,000  MWh
10,001 - 100,000 MWh
1,001 - 10,000 MWh
Below 1,000 MWh

On-Product Green-e Logo Usage
Currently, over 300 products carry the Green-e logo.  To display the Green-e logo on products the business must meet the minimum commitment requirements for its operations or headquarters AND purchase or generate 100% renewable energy for the product manufacturing.  A business may choose to certify all of its products, a select group of products, or product line. On-product use is not available for carbon offset–only purchases.

Certified Events
In order to be eligible for use of the Green-e Marketplace logo to promote an event's renewable energy or carbon offset use, the organizing entity must purchase either Green-e Certified renewable energy equivalent to 100% of the event's expected electricity usage or carbon offsets equivalent to 100% of the event's emissions.

Green-e standards for organizations' use of the Green-e logo are consistent with the Green-e Marketplace's consumer protection goals and reputation for environmental excellence. All organizations using the Green-e logo sign a Green-e Logo Use Agreement and agree to abide by the standards outlined above.

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1 The Green-e Energy National Standard defines eligible on-site generation resources.