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Welcome to Green-e re:print. Green-e re:print certifies printers and paper lines that use renewable energy from natural sources like solar, wind, and low-impact hydropower facilities. When your company produces print jobs like annual reports, company brochures, or newsletters, you can minimize your environmental footprint and display the nationally recognized Green-e logo by choosing from the list of certified printer and paper manufacturers.

Organizations of all sizes are more concerned than ever about the environmental footprint of their business operations. With Green-e Marketplace re:print, you have the opportunity to minimize the energy footprint of your printing by ensuring each step in the production and printing of collateral has been sourced from Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy.

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Steps for Using the Green-e Logo
To use the Green-e logo on printed collateral for your organization, you'll need to use a Green-e Marketplace Certified Printer and print on a Green-e Marketplace Paper Line.

  1. Find a Green-e Marketplace Certified Printer and Green-e Marketplace Certified Paper Line in the list of certified printers and paper lines
  2. Request that the printer use a Green-e Marketplace Certified Paper Line
  3. Sign a Customer Agreement (provided by printer)

What Types of Printed Collateral are Eligible*?
Nearly any kind of print collateral material can display the Green-e logo, for both internal communications and external marketing, sales, and informational pieces. Some ideas include:

Sustainability reports Annual reports Newsletters
Company brochures Company mailers Holiday cards
Information packs Catalogs Books

*Please note that labels, stickers, packaging and other items that may appear on consumer products are not eligible through Green-e Marketplace re:print. Please contact Green-e Marketplace directly for any questions on eligibility at or by calling 415-561-2100.