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Green-e re:print for Printer and Paper Participants

Welcome to Green-e Marketplace re:print, a program that grants use of the Green-e logo on materials sourced from paper and printers that use renewable energy. Green-e Marketplace certifies printers and paper lines that use renewable energy like solar, wind, and biomass energy. When your company chooses to join Green-e Marketplace as a certified printer or paper manufacturer, you gain access to thousands of clients demanding responsible and clean printing options. Green-e Marketplace re:print allows your customers to source their printing responsibly and communicate their actions through the nationally recognized Green-e logo.

Companies are more concerned than ever about the environmental footprint of their business operations and are asking their supply chains to make changes. With Green-e Marketplace re:print, organizations have the opportunity to minimize their printing footprint by sourcing each step from renewable energy. When your customers source their annual reports, company brochures, or newsletters through Green-e Marketplace Certified Printers and Paper Lines, they will be able to minimize their operational footprint and can display their renewable energy commitment through the use of the Green-e logo.

Use of the Green-e logo on print materials has many benefits, including:

  • Creating value for your organization and existing customers
  • Delivering access to new customers
  • Providing clients with environmentally preferable options
  • Demonstrating environmental leadership through the nationally regognized Green-e logo

Green-e is the first and most established certification program to evaluate energy inputs to manufacturing and other industrial activities. It also doesn't have to replace other certifications you may be already using, it compliments Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certifications by adding an energy component.

Steps to Apply for Printers and Paper Manufacturers
Printers and Paper Manufacturers wishing to participate in Green-e Marketplace re:print must complete the following application steps:

  1. Purchase and/or generate Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy in the following minimum amounts.
    • Printers: 100% of operation's electricity usage must be matched with a renewable energy purchase and/or eligible on-site generation facility.
    • Paper Manufacturers: 100% of electricity used to manufacture individual paper lines must be matched with a renewable energy purchase and/or eligible on-site generation facility. The organization must also attest that they have met the minimum renewable energy requirements as indicated in the eligibility purchase table.
  2. Meet all requirements outlined in the Logo Use and re:print Program Participation Agreement and Referenced Documents:
  3. Attest that the organization has met its renewable energy commitment by submitting the appropriate Attestation Form(s):
  4. Annually attest that the organization has met its Eligible Renewable Energy Commitment by submitting the appropriate Attestation Form(s). First year program participants must submit their Attestation Form(s) with the Logo Use Agreement.
  5. Submit applicable Green-e Marketplace fees:

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please contact Green-e Marketplace at 415-561-2100 or