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Green-e Energy

How do you reach over 200 million Americans eager to support businesses that use clean energy?

At Green-e we work with your organization to certify your renewable energy purchases and climate commitments and provide effective promotional tools you can use to market those purchases. With over 54 million Americans who recognize the Green-e certification mark and 60,000 businesses that purchase Green-e certified renewable energy and carbon offsets, Green-e is the certification mark that gives your business a clear edge.

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87 percent of global consumers are "very likely" to consider a company's social and environmental commitment before deciding what to buy and where to shop.

2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study

Advantages of Working With Green-e:
  • Demonstrate energy and climate leadership
  • Differentiate your company and product
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Strengthen company reputation
  • Join a community of leaders
  • Gain recognized 3rd party assurance
Program Benefits Include:
  • Green-e Marketing package
  • Marketing Claims Verification
  • Sales Toolkit
  • Educational Materials
  • Green-e Community Benefits
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Green-e delivers value to your business and supports both your sustainability and marketing efforts. We bundle the risk reduction and assurance of claims verification with forward thinking promotional tools to help your business maximize the value it receives from its renewable energy commitment.

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