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we buyOrganizations that buy Green-e® Energy Certified renewable energy (or generate their own electricity) or buy Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets can apply for Green-e logo use through Green-e Marketplace. The Green-e logo is the national symbol for renewable energy excellence.

More than 80% of man-made U.S. greenhouse gas emissions arise from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Businesses account for 50% of U.S. energy consumption. Switching to renewable energy significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is an effective strategy for combating climate change. Buying certified offsets can help reduce your contribution to climate change for emissions you can't reduce further, like those from onsite heating and vehicles.

Forward-thinking organizations are taking responsibility for the environmental costs of doing business, and are finding that not only are they fulfilling important social-responsibility goals, but that doing so can be good for the bottom line. The benefits of buying renewable energy and carbon offsets for your organization include:

  • Avoiding air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Stimulating local economies and creating jobs
  • Generating positive publicity and enhancing public image
  • Reducing the vulnerability of our nation's energy infrastructure

Organizational commitments to thse environmental commodities should be communicated internally and externally to educate customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders on their benefits. One organization's commitment can inspire thousands of other consumers and companies to purchase renewable energy and carbon offsets and stimulate even more demand.

Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations through Green-e Marketplace. CRS is proud to grant Green-e logo use rights to participating organizations that meet Green-e Marketplace requirements.

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