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Green-e Climate

Green-e® Climate is the first and only independent, third-party certification program for retail carbon offsets sold in the voluntary market. Green-e Climate Certified offsets are GHG emissions reductions 1) that have been certified and issued under an endorsed GHG project standard, 2) the sale and marketing of which has met our marketing and disclosure requirements, and 3) the exclusive and accurate delivery of which has been verified in accordance with our audit process to prohibit double selling. As such, Green-e Climate certification provides quality assurances covering the entire chain of custody of the emissions reduction, complimenting GHG project standards and streamlining all of the vital elements of a credible carbon offset into a single certification mark. The Program is intended to strengthen credibility in the voluntary carbon market and thereby promote use of carbon offsets by individuals and companies to reduce their greenhouse gas footprints.

Introduction to Green-e Climate Videos

Introduction to Green-e Climate Videos. Two short videos introducing Green-e Climate and its role in the marketplace. Introduction to Green-e Climate (left), and What We Do (right).

"The Green-e Climate program is the first program to address retailer accountability for the voluntary market and fills an important niche for quality assurance." —Stockholm Environment Institute

"It's kind of like the Wild West out there, and that's why we're glad that there's this credible certification program." —Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Ways to Get Started

Are you an offset seller?
Certify your offsets! Green-e Climate certifies carbon offsets sold by retail sellers in the voluntary market. See the unique assurances that we provide and the benefits of certification here. Interested in becoming a participating seller of Green-e Climate Certified offsets? Start here.

Are you a standard-setting organization with offset project standards?
Green-e Climate endorses GHG project standards and certification programs as eligible to supply reductions for Certified Offsets. Interested in becoming an Endorsed Program? Start here.

Are you an offset project owner/developer?
Only projects that are registered with an Endorsed Program can supply reductions for Green-e Climate Certified offsets. Please contact one of our Endorsed Programs to become eligible. Start here.

Are you buying carbon offsets?
Buy Green-e Climate certified! You can purchase Certified offsets from one of the offset sellers listed here.


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