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Green-e Climate Certified Carbon Offsets

Green-e Climate is the first and only independent, third-party certification program for retail carbon offsets sold in the voluntary market. It ensures that Certified Offsets contain only verified reductions from projects that meet high-quality, endorsed standards, and that participating offset sellers deliver correct volumes and types of emissions reductions on behalf of their customers. Green-e Climate also enforces customer disclosure requirements to ensure offsets are as advertised and that full and accurate information is provided to the consumer.

This page lists the sellers offering Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets and provides information about those offsets. Click on the company logo to visit their website. Click on the image of the Product Content Label to enlarge.

Download a PDF that explains the Green-e Climate Product Content Labels.

Company Offset Product Name Project Location Product Content Label Offset Mix
Green-e Climate Landfill Gas Carbon Offset United States Landfill Gas Capture/Combustion (100%)
BLUE SPRUCE Green Gas United States Improved Forest Management (100%)
BEF Carbon Mix United States, Canada Landfill Gas Capture (Up to 100%), Renewable Energy (Up to 100%), Organic Waste Composting (Up to 100%), SF6 Reduction (Up to 100%)
Project Specific United States Project Specific Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
PaloAltoGreen Gas United States Livestock Methane Capture (100%)
(formerly Hess Corporation)
C-Neutral–Coal Mine Methane United States Coal Mine Methane Capture (100%)
(formerly Hess Corporation)
C-Neutral–Landfill Methane Capture United States Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
Green-e Climate Landfill Gas Carbon Offsets United States Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
Sterling Climate Premium United States Landfill Gas Utilization (100%)
Net Zero Carbon Diesel United States Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
Net Zero Carbon Natural Gas United States Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
TerraPass Mix United States Landfill Methane Capture (up to 100%) / Renewable Energy (up to 100%)
(formerly Washington Gas Energy Services)
Carbon Offsets from WGL Energy United States Landfill Methane Capture (100%)