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Green-e Energy Certification

Green-e Energy is a voluntary certification program for renewable energy. Green-e Energy sets consumer protection and environmental standards for renewable energy options in three markets - competitive electricity, renewable energy certificates (RECs) and utility green pricing programs. Green-e Energy conducts annual verification on certified options to ensure that they are meeting these standards. Energy options that meet the Green-e Energy National Standard for environmental excellence are eligible to use the Green-e Energy logo to promote their certification. Recent certifications are listed on Press Releases and Advisories.

Pending Certifications

Pacific Gas and Electric ("PG&E") has applied for Green-e Energy certification of its "Community Solar Choice" voluntary renewable electricity program offered to its customers in California. As part of the application process, Green-e Energy is seeking stakeholder feedback on the application and the Community Solar Choice program. Note that this is the first program under PG&E's renewable portfolio options. Please see the application here:

We are accepting stakeholder comments on the application for 21 days—please submit comments to by Monday, October 19th. The Green-e Governance Board will subsequently review application materials and comments received to consider approval of the application. Please note that any comments received may also be posted on the Green-e Energy Certification section of this website.

Recent Certifications

ACT Commodities Inc. (Amsterdam Capital Trading B.V.) joined Green-e Energy in December 2014. The company, based in San Francisco, CA, offers the certified product "Multiple-mix REC ACT" to its commercial customers across North America.

MC Squared Energy Services joined Green-e Energy in March 2015. The company, based in Chicago, IL, offers the certified product "Green Option Price Plan" to its residential and commercial customers in IL.

Westar Energy, Inc. joined Green-e Energy in January 2015. The company, based in Topeka, KS, offers the certified product "RENEW" to its residential and commercial customers in KS

Voluntary Product Decertification

The following renewable energy sellers have voluntarily withdrawn their renewable energy offering from the Green-e Energy program after being active for 2014 and a portion of 2015. They are not considered to be out of compliance. These companies are still obligated to undergo all verification procedures for the renewable energy sales they made in 2014 and 2015, in order to substantiate that they were selling eligible products consistently during the year. These companies may no longer sell renewable energy as "Green-e Energy Certified" or use the Green-e Energy logo as of the dates listed below. Companies remain on this list until their last year of sales is verified to the satisfaction of Green-e Energy. For more information on verification, see the verification page.

Seller Name Product Type Product Name Decertification Effective Date
Constellation Electric dba BGE Home Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Clean Energy May 15, 2015

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