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Green-e Direct

Read more about Green-e DirectAre you looking to contract directly with renewable energy generators, develop onsite renewable energy, or carbon offset projects? Make sure your purchase is protected with Green-e Direct.

The Green-e Direct option offers third-party oversight over chain of custody of renewable electricity or carbon offsets, from generation to retirement. Green-e Direct also offers participants guidance with renewable energy or carbon offset claims, assurance that the underlying environmental commodities (RECs and/or carbon offsets) will not be double-claimed, and confirmation the electricity or carbon offsets meets the environmental quality outlined in the Green-e Standards.

You rely on Green-e for your renewable energy certificate (REC), utility green pricing, competitive electricity, and carbon offset purchasing. Now you can get the same Green-e guarantees for direct renewable energy or carbon offset procurement.

Program Benefits

  • Avoid double counting
  • Ensure ability to make truthful claims statements
  • Add credibility for outside stakeholders and NGOs
  • Assure your purchase counts towards other standards (WRI, CDP, LEED, etc.)
  • Gain market and policy support

"Large purchasers are increasingly looking to drive greater impact with their renewable energy purchases and investments. As they pursue contracts directly with renewable energy facilities or develop onsite themselves, Green-e Direct provides a way to validate the impact of that procurement in the broader marketplace." —Bryn Baker, Manager of Renewable Energy, World Wildlife Fund

"Purchasers of all sizes are looking to make a greater connection to the source of their renewable energy and are finding direct procurement a powerful tool to lower their costs and economic risks while meeting their GHG commitments." —Kevin Rackstraw, Vice President of Customer Solutions, CustomerFirst Renewables

Program Documents

Green-e Direct Program Agreement (for Renewable Energy Purchasers)
Green-e Direct Program Agreement (for Generators and Facility Operators)

Appendix A: Green-e Direct Program Requirements
Appendix B: Certification Fee Structure for Green-e Climate and Green-e Energy
Appendix C: Green-e Energy National Standard

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