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Green-e Energy Federal Option

Read more in the Green-e Energy Federal Option FAQAre federal procurement officers among your clients?

Unique government procurement requirements are included in the Green-e Energy Federal Option by design. This Green-e special option helps energy sellers market the unique Green-e third-party assurances coupled with 2015 Federal procurement guidelines, as a certified "Green-e Energy Federal Option" product type

The Green-e Energy Federal Option offers federal buyers third-party oversight over the chain of custody of the renewable energy or RECs they have purchased, from generation to retirement. Green-e Energy Federal Option products meet all Federal procurement guidelines as well as the Green-e Energy National Standard requirements, including its assurances against double-claims and environmental quality. Green-e Energy Federal Option products are governed by the stricter of either the Green-e Energy National Standard or Federal procurement guidelines.

In June 2015, The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) issued guidance to assist federal department and agency procurement officers in meeting President Obama's Executive Order 13693. Among the factors that affect eligible supply permitted under the Green-e Energy Federal Option product are:

  1. Types of generation. While the federal guidelines are broader than Green-e Energy's, all Green-e Energy approved energy types fit into the federal guidelines. For Green-e Energy Federal Option products, qualifying energy types are identical to other Green-e Energy certified products, with the exception of some repowered facilities that are currently excluded but may qualify in the future, pending federal clarification.
  2. New date. Green-e Energy Federal Option product procurements must follow the federally mandated 10-year new date.
  3. Date of Generation. Because departments and agencies report by a fiscal year that differs from the calendar year, the generation date data provided for verification of a Green-e Energy Federal Option product must be more granular. To allow departments' and agencies' purchases to qualify under federal guidelines and Green-e Energy Federal Option Product certification rules, reporting to customers must specify the quarter and the year of generation upfront and prior to sale, for all supply provided within a certified sale.
  4. Location. Federal procurement rules require energy to be sourced in "the fifty States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the United States Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands, and associated territorial waters and airspace." Therefore, a Green-e Energy Federal Option product may not source from typically eligible sources in Canada or Mexico.
You rely on Green-e for your renewable energy certificate (REC), utility green pricing, and competitive electricity product certifications. Now you can provide the same Green-e assurances to your Federal buyers. Tap into a market that is aware of the Green-e certification's value with a targeted product guaranteed to meet their needs.

Program Benefits

  • Provides an additional product offering for this important buyer segment
  • "Green-e Energy Federal Option" product type provides assurances for you and the buyer
  • Shows federal procurement officers that you understand their needs
  • Provides all the Green-e benefits of risk assurance and third-party verification
  • For current Participants: No annual fee is charged when adding a Federal Option product

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