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Green-e Energy Certification Fees

Download the Green-e Energy Certification Fee Structure Each entity with a contract for a Green-e Climate or Green-e Energy certified product (a program "Participant") pays annual fees to CRS based on the number and type of certified products. These fees are paid on an annual calendar year basis, and cover certification through December 31 of that year. Fees are due on January 1 of the year of certification or at the time the contract is signed. If the Effective Date of the contract is September 1 or later then the full base fee is billed in the first year, and the second year’s base fee is reduced to 75% of the normal annual base fee.

Where a Participant offers both Green-e Climate certified products and Green-e Energy certified products, fees are assessed separately for each program.

For definitions of the product types described below, see the “Certification Categories” sections of the Green-e Climate Code of Conduct and the Green-e Energy Certification and Logo Use Agreement.

Competitive Products

Fees in this section apply to participants offering any of the following types of certified products:
  • REC Products
  • Brokered REC and Renewable Electricity Products
  • Competitive Electricity Products
  • Carbon Offsets
  • Competitive Gas Offset or other “Bundled” Offset Products
  • Exchange-traded Carbon Offsets
Participants offering any of the above types of certified products pay a base fee described on Table 1.A starting in the first year the product is certified, as well as volumetric fees described in Table 1.B starting in the third calendar year that the product is certified.  Volumetric fees charged in a calendar year are based on the volume of certified sales made two years prior, and are only charged while Participant has a current contract for a certified product.

Table 1.A - Base Fees per Product

Base Fee for First Renewable Energy ("RE") or First Offset product*

Additional RE product or additional Offset product

Base Fee for Non-profit (RE products only; details below)

Fee per
Third-Party Distributor
(offsets only; details below)





* Utilities whose only certified products are REC or carbon offsets products pay the base fees on Table 1.A.

Table 1.B - Volumetric Fees

MWh (RE products) or Tons (Offsets)

($ / MWh or Ton)

($ / MWh or Ton)

1 - 250,000



250,001 - 1,500,000






1. A Green-e Energy Participant with two certified REC products and 300,000 MWh of retail REC sales and 25,000 MWh of wholesale REC sales in 2014 would be invoiced for 2016 program participation a total of $17,100:
Base fees: $4,500 for the first product, plus $3,500 for the second product = $8,000
Retail volumetric fees: (250,000 x $0.03) + (50,000 x $0.017) = $8,350
Wholesale volumetric fees: 25,000 * .03 = $750
2. A Participant selling one Green-e Climate certified offset product with 200,000 tons of certified retail sales and one Green-e Energy certified competitive electricity product with 100,000 MWh of certified retail sales in 2014 would be invoiced for 2016 program participation a total of $18,000:
Base fees: $4,500 for the first Climate product, plus $4,500 for the first Energy product = $9,000
Retail offset volumetric fees: 200,000 x $0.03 = $6,000
Retail renewable electricity volumetric fees: 100,000 * .03 = $3,000

Base Fee for Non-profits
Non-profit organizations that meet the following criteria are eligible for a discounted base fee of $1,000 for renewable energy product certification only, plus the appropriate volumetric fees in Table 1.B.  All of the following criteria must be met in order to qualify for the local, non-profit base fee:
  • The entity seeking certification must be a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
  • All product sales must be to customers in the same state as the non-profit.
  • 100% of the supply of the product must be Green-e Energy Certified RECs or renewable electricity from a single supplier.
  • Sales must be less than 1,000 transactions or 500 MWh annually. If an organization in this certification category exceeds these limits, the participant will need to pay full regular Green-e Energy certification fees in subsequent years.

Fee per Third-Party Distributor
Green-e Climate Participants will be assessed additional fees for the use of Third-party Distributors and Web Hosts. For the registration of each Third-party Distributor, Participants will be assessed a fee of $250 per calendar year of certification. For use of Third-party Distributors for the distribution of Offset Cards only, Participants are assessed a fee of $250 per calendar year of certification for each unique combination of Third-party Distributor operation type and offset card. For Web Hosts, Participants will be assessed a fee of $50 for each of the first three Web Hosts registered, and an additional $25 for each Web Host thereafter. Similarly, these fees will be assessed for each calendar year of certification. Under certain circumstances, Green-e Climate will allow Participants to register Third-party Distributors for limited-time sales, such as events, in which case the fee for this registration will be $150. All sales by Third-party Distributors and through Web Hosts will be deemed by the Center for Resource Solutions to be the sales of the Participant on whose behalf the Certified Products have been sold or marketed, and Participant’s volumetric fees will be assessed to include those sales.

Utility Green Pricing Programs, Utility Gas Offset Programs

Electric utilities operating in regulated electricity markets and gas utilities (for offset products bundled with gas service) pay fees based on the product type offered. Utility program fees are based on the total number of electric or gas meters served by the utility as applicable, and there are no additional volumetric fees assessed. Utility renewable electricity programs and offsets paired with gas may only be marketed to utility customers of electricity or gas service. Utilities that offer REC or standalone offset products in addition to a certified green pricing program or gas offset program (respectively) pay the Additional Product base fees in column 3 of Table 2, and are also subject to the volumetric fees in Table 1.B, above.

Table 2

Number of Gas or Electricity Meters Served

First Green Pricing Program* or First Gas Offset Program

Each Add'l RE Product or Add'l Offset product (including Table 1 products)



















* A utility's first electricity product receives a 20% discount if sourced entirely from Green-e Energy certified wholesale purchases.

A gas utility serving 150,000 gas meters offers a Green-e Climate certified gas offset program and a Green-e Energy certified REC product. In 2014, the gas offset program offset 100,000 tons of gas usage, and the utility sold 50,000 RECs to retail customers. In 2016, the utility would be invoiced for $10,500:
Base fees: $4,500 for the gas offset product, plus $4,500 for the REC product = $9,000
Retail REC volumetric fees: 50,000 x $0.03 = $1,500
There are no volumetric charges for the gas offset program.
Green-e Energy allows Hub & Spoke utility green pricing programs (those with one supplier serving the same product to multiple member utilities) to qualify under a single product certification. Please see the Green-e Energy National Standard or contact Green-e Energy staff for qualification details.

Direct Purchases of RECs, Renewable Electricity, and Carbon Offsets

Green-e program participants certifying procurement done directly from renewable electricity and offset projects or from owned projects under the "Green-e Direct" option pay annual fees based on Table 3, below. The fees described are additive based on the total volume of renewable energy products or offsets that the participant plans to certify for the coming calendar year, and the total number of generators or offset projects supplying the Participant's certified procurement. Fees will be trued up against verification data if the data differs from planned procurement as necessary.

Table 3

Base Fee
(for first 50,000 MWh or tons)

Fee for each add'l 50,000 MWh or ton block from 50,000 to 250,000 total MWh or tons, add:

Fee for each add'l 50,000 MWh or ton block, above 250,000 total MWh or tons, add:

Fee for each RE generator or offset project providing supply, add:





An electricity user projects that in 2016 it will purchase 200,000 MWh of renewable energy from a total of 3 generators, and certifies 75,000 MWh of generation from a total of 5 owned generators.  Total fees invoiced in 2016 are $14,050:

Base fees for the first 50,000 MWh = $4,500
MWh 50,001 through 250,000: 4 blocks of 50,000 MWh at $2,000 each = $8,000
Remaining 25,000 MWh puts total sales between 250,000 and 300,000, that block is billed at: $750
Generator fee: 8 facilities * $100 = $800

Fees for Late Submission of Annual Verification Materials

All Participants selling Green-e certified products must submit audited sales and supply data and materials to Green-e annually. If the applicable deadline for a Green-e program's audited verification submission is missed, the Participant is invoiced for late fees based on the schedule in Table 4. These late fees apply to all certified product types referenced in this fee schedule, and will not be assessed if audited verification materials are submitted on time.

Total late fees are capped and may not exceed an amount equal to 3.5 times the total invoice for Green-e Energy or Green-e Climate participation (as applicable) in the calendar year late fees are accrued.

Table 4

Business Days Late

Base Late Fee, per Business Day

Per MWh or Ton Late Fee, per Business Day







5+, through 30 calendar days total



A participant with a Green-e Climate certified offset product and a Green-e Energy certified utility green pricing program that made sales of each product in 2016. If the Green-e Climate verification submission is provided on time, and the Green-e Energy verification submission for 100,000 MWh is provided 7 business days late, total late fees would be $1,060:

Base fees: 7 days at $100 per day = $700
Volumetric fees for business days 1 and 2: (100,000 * $0.0002 * 2 days) = $40
Volumetric fees for business days 3 and 4: (100,000 * $0.0004 * 2 days) = $80
Volumetric fees for business days 5, 6 and 7: (100,000 * $0.0008 * 3 days) = $240
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