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Green-e Energy International Framework Criteria for Renewable Energy Certification

Comment Period Open for the Green-e Energy Certification Standard: Singapore

The first draft Regional Standard under the Framework is now available for comment, covering renewable electricity sales made in Singapore.

Green-e Energy is seeking feedback on the new Green-e Energy Certification Standard: Singapore (Singapore Standard) and is accepting feedback from all interested stakeholders. The Singapore Standard will allow Green-e Energy certification of renewable energy products throughout Singapore, in order to accelerate the development of renewable generation and renewable electricity markets, and provide consumers a meaningful mechanism through which they can express demand for renewable electricity.

Green-e Energy is also releasing for comment a draft Terms of Reference document for the Singapore Standard. As part of the standard setting process, CRS has developed the Terms of Reference to lay out out the key issues that a Singapore Standard would address, including market value, sustainability, comparison to and compatibility with other existing relevant standards, implementation risk and how to address such risk.

Documents for Review

How to Comment

Stakeholder comments on both the Singapore Standard and the Terms of Reference are due by 11:59pm SGT (Singapore Time) on Saturday, January 28, 2017. CRS may conduct a second comment period, incorporating feedback from this first comment period.

Comments may be submitted through an online feedback survey or via email to with the subject "Singapore Standard Comments".

Background on the Green-e Energy International Framework Criteria for Renewable Energy Certification

Between June 29 and August 29, 2016, the Center for Resource Solutions released for stakeholder feedback the draft "Green-e Energy International Framework Criteria for Renewable Energy Certification" ("Framework"), the core criteria document that will form the basis for Green-e Energy certification standards globally. CRS developed the Framework in response to strong demand from electricity users seeking consistent, credible, and impactful renewable energy purchasing options globally, supported by effective and credible market infrastructures, including certification, renewable energy attribute certificates and tracking systems.

The Framework and associated comment period documents are available below: The Framework provides guidance and structure for CRS's future development of country-specific certification requirements for renewable energy transactions, including green power programs offered by electric service providers, tradable energy attribute certificate products, direct power purchase agreements (PPAs), and on-site generation.

The goal of the Framework is to increase the availability and quality of global renewable energy procurement opportunities, reduce transaction risk, assure unique ownership claims, and support the global market for high-quality, impact-focused renewable energy.

The Framework aims to provide robust, consistent guidance on all aspects of regional renewable energy certification requirements, including:
  • Interaction of renewable energy purchasing and carbon policies
  • Environmental sustainability criteria for renewable resource types
  • Use of renewable energy tracking systems
  • Renewable electricity that is produced beyond relevant mandates
  • Support for new and upgraded renewable electricity generators
  • Use of on-site generators

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