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REC Claims and Ownership

The owner and user of a REC is the only party that can claim the environmental benefits of that REC and claim to be using renewable energy because of that REC. Naturally, issues of REC ownership, validity of certain claims and avoiding double counting are central to a robust voluntary renewable energy market.

Center for Resource Solutions staff have developed the documents below in order to address common questions about ownership and claims of RECs. If you have a related question that is not covered in these documents, please feel free to suggest a topic to add; see our Contact page.

Claims Guidance Documents

Guidelines for Renewable Energy Claims: Guidance for Consumers and Electricity Providers
Claims guidance for consumers and electricity providers

Best Practices in Public Claims for Green Power Purchases and Sales
General claims guidance (based on the Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides)

Best Practices in Public Claims for Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Considerations when selling RECs from on-site renewable electricity systems such as solar photovoltaics.

Explanation of Green-e Energy Double Claims Policy
Detail on how Green-e Energy assesses statements related to renewables to determine whether they constitute double claims