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NOVEMBER 7, 2008



CRS Contributes to Solar Market Innovations Study

CRS staff last month finalized a study for the Solar Electric Power Association entitled Innovative Procurement Techniques for Large-scale Solar Power as part of a larger project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

CRS executive director Arthur O'Donnell led a team including Green-e® analysts Andreas Karelas and Andrew Nourafshan, as well as former CRS Director of Technical Analysis Ray Dracker. The report looks at new methods for electric utilities to solicit and contract for grid-connected photovoltaics and concentrating solar projects.

"Our primary focus is on aggregation efforts, in which utilities band together to contract for larger sized projects, analyzing current efforts by the Joint Development Group and a separate Public Service Company of New Mexico joint solicitation," O'Donnell explained. "But we also looked at such ideas as feed-in tariffs, markets for renewable energy certificates, forward procurement commitments and electronic auctions."

Among the promising, if controversial, new approaches being taken by electric utilities in California and North Carolina are plans for wide-spread deployment of roof-top PVs in the 1 MW to 2 MW range. "These plans could significantly improve the cost profile of PV," O'Donnell said. "But they raise serious questions about relative cost, compared to RPS solicitations, and the fact that utilities want to own these projects, limit competition and earn premium rates-of-return on the assets."

The CRS study does not advocate any particular approach, but identified opportunities and drawbacks for each.

The CRS team presented the "Innovative Procurement" report during a workshop at the Solar Power International conference in San Diego on October 13. In addition, O'Donnell will present the findings during a SEPA-sponsored teleconference on Nov. 13.

For more information and a copy of the report when finalized, please see the link. Lead Staff: Andreas Karelas and Andrew Nourafshan

CRS Movers and Shakers

Jane Valentino promoted to Green-e Climate Manager. Jane joined CRS in June of 2007 as an analyst on the Green-e Climate program, and was instrumental in developing the nascent program into the highly respected certifier it is today, with ten marketers offering over a dozen certified carbon products. She successfully shepherded the program's standards and protocols through committees and stakeholder reviews, and with the recent departure of Lars Kvale (who we will miss) Jane has been promoted to manager, where she will continue to grow the program while beginning work on developing protocols for thermal renewable technologies and energy efficiency.

Joining her across the hall will be Andrew Nourafshan, who has spent the last year as a Green-e Energy analyst. He brings a deep understanding of the renewable energy market's intersection with carbon policy and recently helped inform California Energy Commission policies on voluntary renewable energy markets. He also contributed to a new report for the Solar Electric Power Association, Innovative Procurement Techniques for Utility-Grade Solar Power.

Green-e Marketplace Booming

Green-e Marketplace continues to see participation from a diverse set of companies large and small. Since September, Aromafloria, Batdorf and Bronson, DMI Industries, Tom Arma Studios, Inc., Nicholas Earth, and Choice Organic Teas have chosen to continue their commitment to certified renewable energy. The Green-e Marketplace team is also delighted to welcome Avatar New York, Cascade Tissue Group, K-1 Packaging, Marian Heath Greeting Cards, and Unboundary in the family of program participants, making the aggregate renewable energy purchased by these participants since the summer equal to 23,748 MWh, or almost 24 million kilowatt hours.

To help expand Green-e Marketplace, the program is set to inaugurate an advisory council and subcommittees by the end of the year to provide input on the program's policies and logo use terms and conditions. Harnessing the collective knowledge and experiences of our members will allow the program to better serve their needs in the years to come.

We would also like to congratulate Green-e Marketplace participant the Philadelphia Phillies on their World Series win. Was it a coincidence that their history-making win followed just after Red went Green?

Check Out Our New Look

We're in the midst of an identity redesign, with a new logo rolled out at last month's National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference and a website on the way, to be completed by the end of the year. The new logo is intended to usher us into our second decade and reflect our energetic, fast-growing organization.





The new logo mark is a mobius strip. If it's been a few decades since you made one out of a strip of paper, a mobius strip is a continuous, one-sided surface that returns back on itself. We thought it was a perfect symbol for renewable energy and sustainability and think it will serve us well in the years to come. Lead Staff: Jeff Swenerton








National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference a Success

Nearly 450 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors packed the Denver Marriott last week for the 13th annual conference, our biggest yet. We've posted photos from the conference, accessible from the conference homepage; the presentation slides on the Agenda and Presentations page; and the list of award winners from the 2008 Green Power Leadership Awards. Don't forget to sign up for email updates for next year's conference! Lead Staff: Rachael Terada [Learn more]

ISO Talented Design Help

With a new identity, and website on the way, we have a lot of collateral creation (and dusting off) to do. We're in the process of designing new materials for tradeshows, conferences, and meetings, and our new website will give us a lot of new graphic potential. We're looking for someone with experience with print design (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) and/or web design (HTML, CSS) who can give us a few hours from time to time. Contact Jeff Swenerton at if you're interested (no phone calls, please). Lead Staff: Jeff Swenerton

Green-e News

Green-e ClimateThe number of products offered by Green-e Climate has nearly doubled since the summer with ten companies now selling certified products. The carbon offsets are sourced from various project types in locations around the globe, with renewable energy, methane capture, and landfill gas utilization projects in the U.S., Brazil, and China. New companies include Conservation Services Group, FPL Energy, Hess Corporation, and Light Wind Energy.

Adam Arthur Bier, our new Green-e Markets Fellow, has also been working with the Green-e Climate team on a report of domestic renewable energy facilities eligible under the Green-e Climate Protocol for Renewable Energy.


Green-e ClimateUtilities help grow Green-e Energy with Arizona Public Service Company, Green Power EMC, Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation and Wisconsin Public Power, Inc. recently signing up to offer their customers green power that is certified by Green-e Energy. Also, stay close to your monitors, Green-e Energy is knee-deep in work on a consumer-education section of the Green-e website,, that will have lots of resources for people wanting to learn more about renewable energy and carbon.

The 2007 Green-e Energy Verification Report is released, and it's a stunner. Sales of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy increased nearly 60% over 2006 sales, with purchases by nearly 260,000 residential customers and over 10,000 commercial customers across the U.S. and Canada. It's an inspiring testament to the purchasing power of the voluntary market. Download the 2007 Verification Report now. [Learn more about Green-e Energy]


Green-e Climate

Santa Cruz Organic


Green-e Marketplace Featured Company: Santa Cruz Organic. Operating out of Chico, CA, Santa Cruz Organic offers more than 40 organic products, including juices, sparkling sodas, syrups and sauces. Starting in 1972 with its “Mr. Natural” apple juice, Santa Cruz has continued to demonstrate their dedication towards environmental stewardship over the past 30 years. Their commitment includes adhering to organic farming practices and using clean renewable energy sources.

Santa Cruz Organic has been a member of Green-e Marketplace since 2005. Last year, Santa Cruz Organic matched 100% of the electricity used for its headquarters and processing facility by purchasing 1,460 MW of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy certificates. The company communicates its commitment to renewable energy and the Green-e program by displaying the Green-e logo on a number of product labels including their organic juices and sodas.

In addition, Santa Cruz Organic has made significant progress to generate its own renewable energy. Using an installed onsite solar photovoltaic system, Santa Cruz Organic provides over 40% of their peak electricity needs. Santa Cruz Organic is recognized by the United States Environmental and Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. [Read more about Santa Cruz Organic's Environmental Commitment] [Learn more about Green-e Marketplace]


Welcome New Staff

Troy ArnoldTroy Arnold/Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives
Troy has raised over $15 million dollars for a variety of nonprofits and has over a decade of nonprofit fundraising and organizational development experience. Since joining CRS in July, he has focused on continuing our successful grant-based fundraising from private foundations and government agencies, and is working to diversify our charitable income by increasing gifts from individuals and support from corporations. Troy is particularly interested in environmental economic justice. He has a M.A. in History from Binghamton University and a B.A. in Social Thought and Political Economy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Troy is also an active volunteer in the fundraising community, serving on the boards of Development Executives Roundtable and the Association of Fundraising Professionals Golden Gate Chapter.

Adam Arthur BierAdam Arthur Bier/Green-e Markets Fellow
Adam Arthur Bier joined CRS in October as Green-e Markets Fellow, working on legal and regulatory issues associated with the Green-e Climate initiative and studying utility and generator market participation decision-making as part of Green-e Energy. Prior to his appointment, Adam worked as a lawyer, specializing in patent and antitrust litigation for telecommunications and biotech clients. He graduated from New York University School of Law in 2004 and received his B.A. in early medieval British history from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001. Adam serves on the board of directors for San Francisco Opera's junior auxiliary and recently returned from working as part of the voter protection team for the Obama campaign in Ohio and Indiana.

Green-e ClimateAlison Lambert/Administrative Assistant
Alison Lambert joined CRS in June 2008. Before coming to CRS, Alison worked as a green business intern and was later hired on as Affiliate Manager and Green Business Development Associate at, an online retail store selling green and environmentally friendly products. This experience sparked her desire to work with green and sustainable businesses and environmental non-profit organizations. Alison graduated magna cum laude in May 2008 with a B.S. Business Administration in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. In the future Alison hopes to continue working in the nonprofit sector.

Green-e ClimateRobin Quarrier/Green-e Program Analyst & Legal Specialist
Robin Quarrier joined CRS in September 2008 to work on verification of renewable energy within Green-e Energy and serve as the Legal Specialist within CRS. Ms. Quarrier received a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona, Rogers College of Law. While in law school, Ms. Quarrier interned at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Division of Air Resources. At the DEC she worked on the implementation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. She also researched the Federal Power Act for a regulatory comment on the draft designation of transmission lines. Prior to law school Ms. Quarrier served as a Project Manager at Consulting Resources Corporation (CRC), a utility and chemical consulting firm. At CRC Ms. Quarrier conducted studies of bio-fuel viability and multiple surveys of North American utility rate structures.

Funder Spotlight

The Energy Foundation is a partnership of major donors interested in solving the world's energy problems. The Foundation's mission is to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy—new technologies that are essential components of a clean energy future. The Foundation gives grants with funds provided by more than a dozen donors who see the value in leveraging their funds with the expertise of the Energy Foundation staff. The Foundation focuses its work in the United States and China, the largest and fastest growing energy markets in the world.

The Energy Foundation's partnership with CRS began in 1997, and since then the Foundation has provided over $3 million in funding for CRS's work in the United States and China. The Foundation's support has been critical to CRS's ability to create effective programs, including the Green-e certification programs. In September, the Energy Foundation moved its offices to Battery Street in downtown San Francisco, and CRS had the good fortune to move into their previous offices in the Thoreau Center in the Presidio of San Francisco. CRS looks forward to continuing our deep partnership with the Energy Foundation, leading the world to a greener future. [Learn more about the Energy Foundation]


CRS Resources

Green-e Resources

Welcome New Green-e Energy Participants

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    • Arizona Public Service Company
    • Community Green Energy
    • EnergyPLUS
    • Green Power EMC
    • Heritage Sustainable Energy LLC.
    • Integrys Energy Services Inc.
    • Sawnee EMC
    • Wisconsin Public Power, Inc.

Welcome New Green-e Climate Participants

  • • Conservation Services Group
    • FPL Energy
    • Hess Corporation
    • LightWind Energy

Welcome New Green-e Marketplace Participants

  • • Avatar New York
    • Cascade Tissue Group
    • K-1 Packaging
    • Marian Heath Greeting Cards
    • Unboundary

Upcoming Events

  • Arthur O'Donnell will provide an update on the Environmental Tracking Network of North America (ETNNA) to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) meeting of its Renewable Energy Experts Committee on November 10 in Montreal, Canada.
  • Utility Communicators International Webinar, "Renewable Energy: Communications Challenges," November 12, 2008. Jeff Swenerton will speak on Green-e Climate and Energy.
  • Carbon Market Insights Americas 2008, November 12-14, 2009. New York, NY. Andrew Nourafshan and Jane Valentino will exhibit on Green-e Climate.
  • Arthur O'Donnell will present results of the "Large Scale Solar Procurement— Innovations and Best Practices" report in a Solar Electric Power Association teleconference November 13th, 2008.
  • 2009 Global CO2 Cap and Trade Forum, February 26-27, 2009. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA. Jennifer Martin will speak on Green-e Climate.