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DECEMBER 16, 2011 / FALL/WINTER 2011

2010 Green-e Verification Report

2010: A Big Year for Renewable Energy Sales

The 2010 Green-e Verification Report was released on November 15, and showed a 23 percent increase in total Green-e Energy retail sales volume over the previous year, equivalent to over 23 million MWh of renewable energy generation. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Green-e Energy certified 65% of all voluntary market retail sales in the U.S. A few more highlights from the report:

• Total retail sales of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy exceeded 23 million MWh, an increase of over 23% from 2009
Over 583,000 residential customers and more than 66,000 nonresidential customers across the U.S. and Canada purchased Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy, increases of 7% and 77%, respectively
• Green-e Energy certified 65% of all retail sales in the voluntary renewable energy market in 2010
• Renewable energy purchases and onsite generation by Green-e Marketplace participants totaled over 393,000 MWh
• Sales of Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets in 2010 resulted in over 202,000 metric tons CO2-equivalent reduced, a nearly 15% increase from 2009.

[Download the Report | Read the press release]

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Happy Holidays from CRS
We hope you had a wonderful year and look forward to working with you in 2012!

Renewable Energy Markets 2011

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Thanks to everyone who attended REM 2011

If you were one of the nearly 400 people attending REM 2011, we hope you enjoyed the sessions, networking opportunities, and beautiful city of San Francisco as much as we did, and that the conference has given you ideas and strategies for the coming year. If you'd like to check out people and presentations from the conference, we've updated the conference website. You can Download the Presentations, Check Out the Photos, and watch the Green Power Leadership Award Winner video and see the list of winners. See all the great media coverage, and stay tuned for REM 2012 next Fall in Washington, D.C. with our 2012 City Sponsor, Washington Gas Energy Services.

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NEXT WEBINAR: Renewable Energy 101
Thursday, January 19, at noon PDT. This essential introduction to renewable energy in the U.S. covers the basics of how the U.S. electricity grid operates, and the expanding role of clean energy to the nation's energy portfolio. This hour-long webinar also reviews renewable energy terms and definitions, types and distribution of resources like wind and solar, the basics of transmission and project financing, renewable energy certificates and utility opt-in green power programs, and certificate tracking. We also cover the state of the renewable energy marketplace, including politics, players, and policies. If you're new to clean energy, don't miss this easy-to-understand tutorial from the renewable energy experts at CRS.

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2009 Green-e Verification Report

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Featured Publication: CRS 2010 Annual Report

The 2010 CRS Annual Report was released on November 11, 2011, and is a retrospective of the year's activities and accomplishments, with letters from the CRS executive director and Board chair.

Download the Report

Green EV Update: City of Austin Plug-In Charging Stations Powered With 100% Green Energy

If you live close to Austin and drive an electric vehicle (EV), you're in luck. The Austin Energy Plug-in EVerywhere Network is the first charging station network of its kind in the country to be powered completely by renewable energy through Austin Energy's GreenChoice green-pricing program. When electric car owners charge their vehicles at any of Austin Energy's 50 charging stations located at municipal sites in the city (like parks and libraries), 100 of the electricity comes from GreenChoice. As part of the EVerywhere Network, another 50 GreenChoice-powered charging stations are being added at local businesses and nonprofit organizations for public use. Each of the charging stations carry the Green-e Certified logo shown here. [Read the Release] [Go to Green EV]

Learn more about our Green EV program and join the mailing list at Green EV.

Questions about the Green EV program can be directed to Jeff Swenerton at 415-561-2119 or jeff [at]

Green-e Marketplace Certification Now Available for Purchasers of Carbon Offsets

Green-e Marketplace has integrated purchases of Green-e Climate Certified offsets into the array of claims available for participants in Green-e Marketplace.

This means that in addition to allowing organizations to use the Green-e logo for purchases of certified renewable energy, Green-e Marketplace now grants logo use to companies that purchase Green-e Certified Carbon Offsets as part of their environmental strategy. Features include:

• Activities (including events), facilities, and vehicle fleets are eligible
• Requirements for emissions reductions over time
• Combined renewable energy and carbon offset claims

To learn more, contact Orrin Cook at orrin [at] or visit

No Double Counting in Oregon

CRS recently completed a report for the Oregon Department of Energy (ODoE) on potential double counting between the voluntary renewable energy market and renewable energy reported to ODoE as RPS eligible.
The need for the review arose from a combination of REC tracking system rules and requests by certain generation facilities.  The Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) allows generation that occurred as many as 75 days prior to facility registration to be reported and to receive WREGIS Certificates.  Certain facilities that are eligible for the Oregon renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requested that generation occurring prior to this cutoff be recorded in WREGIS, and that renewable energy certificates (RECs) be issued in WREGIS retroactively for this stranded generation.  The rationale being that all RECs ultimately used toward the RPS would be tracked and retired in the same system.
If RECs from this earlier generation had already been sold to voluntary market participants or used for a state's RPS, double counting could occur if the newly issued RECs are transferred to a party other than the rightful REC owner and claimant.  CRS was contracted to check the data submitted to it by Green-e Energy participants and report on any generation for which retroactive REC issuance would potentially cause double counting with Green-e Energy certified sales. 
After two thorough rounds of review, CRS determined that there was no evidence of double counting based on the two record sets, and provided a report of significant findings to ODoE.  Further background on the issue, and a copy of CRS's report, can be found on ODoE's website.

Recent Additions

Maggie FitzgeraldMaggie Fitzgerald
Green-e Marketplace Volunteer

Maggie joined CRS in November as a Green-e Marketplace volunteer. She graduated from Santa Clara University in 2010 with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a B.A. in Communication. During college, Maggie interned with the Apollo Alliance (now Blue-Green Alliance) and so began her passion for renewable energy. An enthusiastic traveler, she took a year off after graduating and explored Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Thailand. Maggie is thrilled to be in San Francisco and is excited to foster her knowledge of renewable energy as a volunteer for CRS.

Laurel HiltonLaurel Hilton
Development Manager

Laurel was Development Director for CRS from 2005–2008. Following a three-year hiatus to spend time with her young family, Laurel returned to CRS in late 2011 in the role of Development Manager. Laurel is responsible for oversight of CRS's institutional funding portfolio as well as guiding the creation of an individual donor program which will commence in early 2012. She has nearly 20 years of experience assisting organizations and individuals with identifying and securing funding in support of a broad range of issues, causes, and campaigns. Laurel's background includes work with renewable energy, water-resource management, financial literacy, K-12 education, women's services, and state and federal legislative affairs.

Policy Update

STATE ROUNDUP: Good News From California, Washington, and Quebec. Plus Green-e Climate in the LEED Green-Building Standard

On October 20, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted the final cap-and-trade regulation. As part of the final regulation order, the ARB included a voluntary renewable electricity set aside, whereby purchases of renewable energy made in the voluntary market will result in the retirement of a commensurate amount of allowances, thus maintaining the integrity of voluntary renewable energy purchases. CRS played an integral role in the inclusion of a renewable energy set aside, and also provided expert assistance to ARB staff on the design and implementation details of the set aside.

CRS also weighed in heavily on the treatment of null power imports under the California cap-and-trade, ensuring that renewable energy stripped of its RECs would not be treated as zero emissions, and that the environmental attributes of renewable energy remained with the REC. CRS's recent letters to the ARB can be found here, here, and here.

Also in California, the California Public Utilities Commission has been moving forward on a proceeding for the implementation and administration of the 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). CRS was active in preventing two potentially problematic tenets that would have presented confusion on issues regarding RPS verification. As a result of our comments, the tenets were removed. CRS also submitted comments this past summer on REC definitions in the RPS.

In Washington State, a petition was recently filed requesting that apprenticeship labor multiplier credits granted under the state's RPS be split.  If these credits were separated from the rest of the REC and sold into the voluntary market, a double counting of renewable energy attributes could occur.  In a recent decision, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Committee heard our concerns, and will not allow multiplier credits to be sold separately from the underlying REC.

In Quebec, a cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas emissions is currently being developed. Earlier this fall, CRS applauded Quebec for proposing such a comprehensive system for reducing emissions, and also urged them to adopt a set aside for the voluntary renewable energy market.  See CRS's comments here.

In September, CRS submitted comments to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the updates to its LEED Rating Systems. Green-e Energy and now Green-e Climate certification are both referenced in LEED's draft language on carbon offset purchasing for the Green Power and Carbon Offset Credit in the Building Design and Construction and Interior Design and Construction rating systems, and for the Green Energy Production and Utilization credit in the Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance rating system.

Green-e News


Green-e Climate Green-e Climate has completed verification activities for the 2010 reporting year. Certified sales of Green-e Climate Certified offsets grew by more than 15% to total 202,897 unique metric tons carbon dioxide-equivalent (tCO2e). The program also continued to grow more international and diverse in terms of project type, location, and certification. Green-e Climate Certified sales have experienced double-digit growth in each of the two years since its launch. We expect this trend to continue into 2012 as recognition of the program grows. Such sustained growth even in the context of wide fluctuations in the overall over-the-counter market is indicative of the value of the program's unique assurances for the retail market as well as a clear advantage in the market for sellers with Green-e Climate certified products. Download the 2010 Green-e Verification Report at the CRS publications page or check out the recording of the Highlights of the 2010 Green-e Verification Report webinar.

Green-e Climate recently submitted comments to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) regarding the incorporation of standardized approaches to baselines and additionality into that program. VCS is a Green-e Climate Endorsed Program and we support its decision to move forward with standardized approaches as we feel that this will positively impact both the environmental integrity and accessibility of that program. Full comments can be viewed at CRS Publications.

We are very excited that purchasers of Green-e Climate certified offsets can now sign up to use the Green-e logo through Green-e Marketplace. For more information, see Green-e Marketplace.

Recordings of the year's Green-e Climate webinars can be found at CRS Videos.


Green-e Energy First Round of Biomass Survey Concludes. Thanks to everyone who submitted comments in Green-e Energy's recent biomass and repowering survey! We received over 150 responses and will be reviewing and considering them in the coming weeks. Early in 2012 we will put out draft language for biomass eligibility updates to the Green-e Energy National Standard for further comment.


Green-e Marketplace

Cascades Tissue GroupGreen-e Marketplace Featured Company: Cascades Tissue Group. A Green-e Marketplace participant since 2008, Cascades Tissue Group, Sales Inc. uses Green-e Energy Certified wind energy to offset 100% of the electricity used in its headquarters and 100% of the electricity used to manufacture North River Brand towels and tissues. In addition to Green-e certification, the North River brand's third-party certifications include Green Seal, EcoLogo, and Processed Chlorine Free: more than any other competitive brand. To learn more about Cascades Tissue Group, visit For more about Cascades Tissue Group, visit their website. [Learn more about Green-e Marketplace]


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A Holiday Poem From CRS

When the holiday season is over and presents put away, don't be sad
There'll be much to treasure about this year and the fun we've had
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Keep the holidays with you
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The spirit of giving is in the air
Peace and joy to you,
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The gladness of living;
These are our wishes for you.
Happy Holidays from CRS!

Thanks to the CRS Board
The CRS staff would also like to extend a special thank you to its Board Members for all that they do year-round to represent CRS in the public sphere as well as provide guidance and resources for our work. We couldn't do it without you!


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