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DECEMBER 18, 2013 | FALL/WINTER 2013

Green-e Verification Report Shows 29% Increase in Certified Retail Sales

Green-e VR

We recently released the 2012 Green-e Verification Report, which highlights Green-e certified renewable energy and carbon offset sales in 2012, as well as organizations that participated in Green-e Marketplace to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy. The report shows a remarkable 29% increase in total Green-e Energy retail sales volume over the previous year, equivalent to nearly 36 million MWh of renewable energy generation—enough to power nearly a third of U.S. households for a month. Green-e certified renewable energy sales in the U.S. have increased an average of nearly 30% each year since 2008. Green-e now certifies over 1% of the total U.S. electricity mix and approximately three-quarters of the total voluntary market.

In 2012, over 500 diverse companies and products were certified by Green-e Marketplace, with most growth occurring in Green-e re:print, a supply-chain program that certifies both printers and paper companies using renewable energy. 2012 was also the most successful year for Green-e Climate, with a 47% increase in the number of certified offsets from the previous year.

Download the Report »

Renewable Energy Markets 2013

The 18th annual Renewable Energy Markets conference was held from September 22–24th in Austin, TX. The conference was a resounding success, with attendees rating the conference highly in our follow-up survey. Attendees included marketers, purchasers, utility representatives, NGOs, government agencies, and developers. The presentations are available—visit 2013 Agenda and Presentations to download them. You can also see the photos from the conference and the Green Power Party on the Photos page.

The conference and awards once again generated a wide variety of media coverage, nearly 25 stories from across the industry and consumer press. Did you get mentioned? See 2013 News and Releases.

REM is made possible thanks to support from our generous sponsors. We would like to extend a special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, NextEra Energy Resources. If you attended the conference and have feedback, please consider filling out the REM 2013 Evaluation Survey.

The Green Power Leadership Awards ceremony was held during lunch on the first day of the conference, and honored some of the hardest-working and most innovative companies and individuals in the industry. CRS recognized five organizations and one individual with Market Development Awards for their role in building and shaping the market for renewable energy over the previous year:

  • Women of Wind Energy (Best Green Power Education Outreach Program)
  • BMW (Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Purchaser)
  • Clean Currents, Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power (Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Supplier)
  • Jon Wellinghoff, outgoing chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Green Power Leader of the Year).

See the awards video and group photo on the 2013 Awards Details page, and read the winner descriptions at 2013 Award Winners.

REM could not happen without the generous support of our sponsors, including NextEra Energy Resources (Presenting Sponsor); The U.S. EPA (Organizing Sponsor); Sterling Planet (Megawatt Sponsor); Green Mountain Energy (Green Power Party Sponsor); 3Degrees, Sunpower, and Weaver (Kilowatt Sponsors); Community Energy (Networking Break Sponsor); Nexant (Conference Access Sponsor); and Truesdale Group and Clean Power Perks (Print Sponsors).

Visit the REM 2013 Website »
Visit the Green Power Leadership Awards Website »


Green-e Takes to the Air

Todd Jones in London
Todd Jones, Manager of Green-e Climate, recently returned from a week-long trip to meet with various stakeholders in London. Representing CRS's international certification program and global retail standard for carbon offsets, Todd met with current and future potential partners and program participants to discuss the future of Green-e Climate and its impact and potential for growth in Europe. London is home to many of the largest retail offset providers and industry support organizations in the market. Todd was encouraged by the broad support he received for the program and learned a great deal about the nuances and challenges of the European offset market. Over the coming months, Todd and the rest of the Green-e Climate team will develop a strategy for scaling up Green-e Climate and expanding its presence in the UK and other parts of the EU in particular.

Todd also met with several stakeholders regarding CRS's ongoing work to evaluate and develop recommendations for protecting carbon markets from "boiler rooms" and similar fraudulent and deceptive sales and investment activity. The UK has unfortunately been a hotbed for boiler room activity and deceptive marketing in recent years, and Todd was able to gain valuable insight both from market participants with first-hand experience dealing with these bad actors, their victims, and the media, and the financial and other regulatory agencies currently working to manage the problem. This work will continue through April of next year when findings and recommendations will be presented to the standard setters and credit registries in the voluntary market.

Orrin Cook in Nebraska
Orrin Cook, manager of Green-e Marketplace, recently travelled to the Nebraska Wind Conference held in Lincoln, where he spoke to over 350 attendees about the increasing demand for renewable energy among commercial and industrial customers, highlighting many of the figures recently released in the 2012 Green-e Verification Report.  As Nebraska has the 4th largest wind resources in the U.S., many attendees were interested in learning more about the available markets for both the power and renewable energy certificates for new wind facilities.

Jennifer Martin in Virginia
CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin spoke on solar distributed energy and state RPSs at the 2013 National Summit on RPS last month in Arlington, VA. The annual Summit brings together representatives from the states implementing RPS policies to share best practices and learn from each other and industry experts. Jennifer serves on the Steering Committee for the State-Federal RPS Collaborative.

Rachael Terada in Chicago and Sacramento
Rachael Terada, Project Manager, recently spoke at the National Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Summit in Chicago, Illinois. CCA, also known as "municipal aggregation" is currently allowed in six states. Over the course of the past two years, over 650 Illinois communities have enacted municipal aggregation, which represents roughly 80% of the residential electricity market in that state. Rachael spoke about green power programs and RECs, including current issues, opportunities, and accountability. One issue that emerged from the conference was the desire from some stakeholders to not pair RECs with dirtier sources of power such as coal. One solution to this issue is for CCAs to specify a Green-e Energy certified competitive electricity product in their request for proposals; certified competitive electricity products have additional restrictions on geography and also the emissions rate of the underlying electricity paired with RECs.

Rachael also spoke at the Behavior, Energy & Climate Change (BECC) Conference in Sacramento, California in November. She presented on insights on what works when signing up utility customers for renewable energy. Green-e Energy certifies the majority of top utility green power programs on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's annual top 10 lists. Rachael also presented on successful marketing strategies with case studies on previous Green Power Leadership Award winners for Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Supplier.


Renewable Energy: What's For Dinner

In our ongoing quest to seamlessly meld the inedible and intangible with the manifest and simply delicious, we bring you: dinner at home, made completely with Green-e certified ingredients. Eat well, my friend—you've earned it.

Pasta Prima purchases Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates and generates on-site renewable energy to offset 100% of the electricity used to manufacture its Pasta Prima brand of refrigerated pasta products.

Greenview Kitchen Organic Pasta Sauce is made by Giovanni Foods, which purchases Green-e Energy certified renewable energy to offset 100% of the electricity used in its headquarters and 100% of the electricity used to manufacture select products, including this one. Buy online here, but if you need more convincing, watch the YouTube video about their sustainability practices.

Jackson Family Wines recently joined Green-e Marketplace, and their Kendall Jackson brand purchases Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy certificates to offset 100% of the electricity used for its entire operations.

To learn about all the other delicious products certified by Green-e Marketplace, visit Organizations Using Renewable Energy. Buon appetito!

New Legislation: California's SB-43 Creates Nation's Largest Shared Renewables Program

Some great news from California: the state just passed a law that will make a 100% clean energy option available to any customer of the state's three largest investor-owned utilities (Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric). The program works in an innovative new way, by allowing customers to support clean energy by buying a portion of the renewable electricity from new projects that are on the smaller side, up to 20MW. The price for this shared-renewables "subscription" will be locked in and added to their electricity bill as a credit. The program is capped at 600MW total. "SB 43 will allow the millions of Californians who cannot install their own solar unit, windmill, or other renewable power generation system to obtain renewable energy through their utility," said State Senator Lois Wolk, the legislation's sponsor. Any new generation added will be in addition to that required to meet the state's 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard. For more information, see the Shared Renewables HQ or see the authorizing legislation at SB-43 Electricity: Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program.

Lead staff: Alex Pennock at alex [at]

Green-e News


Green-e Climate

2012 was a year of impressive growth for Green-e Climate, with a dramatic increase in certified sales of carbon offsets and the diversity of projects used by offset providers in the program. Please see the 2012 Green-e Verification Report for more details. In 2013, we welcomed TerraPass as a new participant selling Green-e Climate certified offsets, as well as the American Carbon Registry as a new Endorsed Program. We also saw a host of new references to Green-e Climate by partner organizations and in other voluntary standards like the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED v4 rating systems, which launched in November.

Green-e Climate is planning some important program changes for 2014 in order to streamline requirements and make the program easier to use for participating sellers. In addition, we're planning on introducing some new ways for different stakeholders and market participants to become involved with Green-e Climate and support Green-e Climate Certified sales, as well as some exciting new guidance for retail offset buyers that will highlight Green-e Climate's stakeholder-driven criteria and the market leading offset providers in our program.


Green-e Energy

The Numbers Are In. Green-e Energy 2012 certified sales figures were released in September and showed that, once again, certified sales experienced double-digit growth. Certified retail sales jumped by 29% over 2011, to a total of nearly 36 million MWh, making up almost three-quarters of the retail voluntary market in the US. Read all about it in the 2012 Green-e Verification Report, available at Publications and Presentations.

Competitive Markets Heating Up. In 2013, eight new Green-e Energy certified renewable electricity options began being offered in competitive electricity markets, mostly in the New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Texas markets. We're excited to help customers recognize high-quality, certified renewable electricity options in these markets and gratified to see more and more consumers basing their electricity decisions on certified renewable content.


Green-e Marketplace

Pasta PrimaGreenerprinter
An environmentally focused commercial printer in Berkeley, CA, Greenperprinter has a mission of sustainability that extends into its daily operations. The company joined Green-e Marketplace in 2012, purchasing certified renewable energy certificates to meet 100 percent of it total annual electricity needs. Greenerprinter does more by minimizing the environmental impact of its operations by using only recycled papers and soy (and vegetable) inks, investing in clean technologies, and maintaining certifications with several environmental impact monitoring agencies.

For more information, visit Greenerprinter. Learn more about Green‑e Marketplace.


Development Update

Giving Library
CRS is featured in The Giving Library, an online video archive that connects donors to nonprofits. At the beginning of December, the site kicked off a $100,000 "Share to Give" campaign. Visitors to the Giving Library website are able to view videos for hundreds of charitable organizations across the U.S. By signing up for a free Library Card, viewers can show their support for an organization by sharing that group's video on Facebook or Twitter, and the Giving Library will donate $5 to that particular organization. Participants can share up to five organizations per month, and the Giving Library will donate up to $100,000 during the campaign. Visit the Giving Library to learn more about the campaign.


Staff News


Recent Additions

Hongming LiuHongming Liu
Green-e Climate Research Volunteer

Hongming joined CRS in December 2013 as a Green-e Climate volunteer. He graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2013 with an M.S. in Green Technology and he earned a B.A. in Chemical Engineering (Environmental Protection Direction) from Beijing Union University, China in 2006. Prior to his graduate studies at USC, he worked for four years on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in China with experience in project development and management, climate change, and environmental policy. He has a passion for climate change mitigation, renewable energy, and sustainability, and is pursuing them in his career.

Nicola StiffNicola Stiff

Nicola recently completed studies in Solar and Green Building, and is working with us to develop strategic program development plans for Green-e Energy and Green-e Marketplace. Nicola is a senior manager with experience in product development and channel management at Visa, American Express and Fair Isaac.

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CRS Alumni News

CRS alumnus Andreas Karelas is executive director of RE-volv, a nonprofit that helps install community-funded solar projects through the use of an innovative revolving solar energy fund. RE-volv's latest campaign is a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that is raising money to finance a 26 kW solar array for the Kehilla Community Synagogue in Oakland, CA. The lease payments from this system will be reinvested into the revolving Solar Seed Fund, which over time will fund three additional solar energy projects. RE-volv finished its first solar project with the nonprofit Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley, CA in June 2013. Check out the Revolving Fund for Solar Energy campaign on Indiegogo.

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