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SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 / SUMMER 2011

Registration Open for Renewable Energy Markets 2011

REM banner
REM banner

Renewable Energy Markets 2011
November 15–18
Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA

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Renewable Energy Markets 2011 will take place November 15–18 in San Francisco, CA. For nearly two decades, Renewable Energy Markets (REM) has defined and expanded marketplace opportunities for clean power. Bridging the interests of renewable energy generators, marketers, and utilities with those of purchasers, policymakers, and the communities that benefit from clean energy, REM is the nation's premier forum for the energy community to gather, learn from each other, and recognize best practices for promoting renewable energy.

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NEXT WEBINAR: Introduction to Green-e Marketplace
Thursday, Sept 15, at noon PDT. CRS will offer a free webinar about Green-e Marketplace, a program that recognizes organizations using certified renewable energy and enables them to demonstrate their environmental commitment through the use of the nationally recognized Green-e logo. Green-e Marketplace gives its participants unique resources to help them communicate their commitment to clean energy on their collateral, website, and products. This hour-long webinar will explain the requirements of joining the program, the benefits of clean-energy purchases to an organization's sustainability strategy, and how Green-e Marketplace fits into the overall green-labeling ecosystem.

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    Title: Introduction to Green-e Marketplace
    Who: CRS Staff
    When: Thursday, August 25, 2011 Noon PDT
    How: Register Now
    Cost: Free!


"Welcome to Green-e" Animation

As much as we love the excellent design sensibility and iconic nature of the Green-e logo, it's always just, you know, sitting there. So we hired the awesome animation studio Ghostbot to bring it to life. Let us know what you think of the results.

Green EV Update

Green EV
Peter Dempster, Advanced Technologies Engineer at BMW and Alex Pennock, Green-e Energy Manager, with a BMW MINI E.

For the last few months, CRS has been working hard on ways to integrate renewable energy into the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) marketplace. While EVs are far cleaner than their gas-powered second cousins, they are still powered by grid electricity, and so we are looking to take them "the last mile" towards becoming emissions-free by powering all EVs with clean energy. We've been speaking with car manufacturers, charging station providers, car sharing organizations, renewable energy sellers, nonprofit advocates, and others to spread the word about the many ways renewable energy can transform EVs. This it turning into a great opportunity for us to explain to a new industry how voluntary environmental markets work, and how easy it can be to buy and retire renewable energy for all the electricity used by the cars.

One recent finding is that new EV drivers tend to become more aware of their electricity use (often for the first time) and prefer it come from renewable sources. BMW and U.C. Davis recently published a study that surveyed 450 leaseholders of the MINI E, the electric version of the Mini Cooper. Drivers "overwhelmingly thought that the electricity for charging should come from renewable resources such as solar, wind and hydropower, and were strongly opposed to using coal to generate electricity for their vehicles." [Download the study]

Learn more about our Green EV program and join the mailing list at Green EV.

Questions about the Green EV program can be directed to Jeff Swenerton at 415-561-2119 or jeff [at]

Support Us on Climate Ride California 2011

Climate Ride 2011

How can you enjoy an incredible 5-day bicycle ride in Northern California while supporting CRS? Climate Ride—the nation's largest environmental cycling event—has accepted CRS as a beneficiary for this year's California ride, which runs from October 2–6 and travels from Eureka to San Francisco. The exciting part for CRS is that anyone who signs up for the ride is able to choose to raise money for CRS and support our work to advance sustainable energy. We've chosen to represent CRS's team as "Team Buy Clean Energy" after our ongoing campaign to promote clean energy purchases among individuals and businesses at Read the announcement to learn more about the ride.

CRS Blog

New Lunchtime Reading
The CRS Blog goes great with sandwiches, leftovers, and is the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Here are some recent snacking options:

Beatriz GomezCycling and the Joys of the Open Road
August 23, 2011. Got a yen to bike the California coast, fully supported, while helping CRS? Franziska Sinner blogs about the joys of bike touring and the confluence of awesome that is the Climate Ride California 2011. By Anne-Franziska Sinner, Green-e Energy Analyst.

Beatriz GomezIs That a Fact? The Case for Abandoning Climate Change Deniers
August 9, 2011. A popular post by Jeff Swenerton, communications director, on the difficulties of convincing the distressingly large cohort of Americans who do not consider the science when making up their own minds about the reality of climate change. And why we should give up trying to change their minds.

Beatriz GomezThe Art of Beekeeping on Urban Farms
July 26, 2011. Urban beekeeping is part of a larger urban back-to-the-land movement that also includes raising chickens and gardening on a larger scale, and is at least in part a response to the environmental costs of factory farming and transporting produce over long distances. Learn more about urban beekeeping from Robin Quarrier, Green-e Analyst and CRS in-house Counsel.

Intern and Staff News


In Our Free Time

On July 30th, CRS counsel Robin Quarrier competed in the Vineman Ironman triathlon in Winston, CA, one of perhaps the most arduous tests ever devised by humankind. This superhuman feat consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a marathon. She finished the grueling trifecta of pain in just over 12 hours, with a smile on her face and a phalanx of friends and volunteers meeting her at the finish. "There was no race or sprint, or even big push in my whole race," she said, "but at the end of the day, there was nothing left in the tank." We can only imagine.

Recent Additions

Beatriz GomezBeatriz Gómez
Event and Campaign Coordinator

A self-described nonprofit junkie, Beatriz Gómez has spent her career striving to make a marked difference in her community through her awesome event planning and fundraising skills. Previous to joining CRS, Beatriz served as the Community Relationship Manager for the American Cancer Society in Alaska and as the Meeting Planner for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. In her free time, Beatriz is an active volunteer with Meeting Professionals International and can be found living by her motto "Life is too short NOT too accessorize".

Matthew NguyenMatthew Nguyen
Green-e Energy Verification Associate

Matthew Nguyen joined CRS as a Green-e Energy Verification Associate in June, and is a strong advocate of renewable energy and sustainability. He received his Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. While at Santa Cruz, he co-found, a non-governmental organization that aims to mitigate the effects of human practices on the ocean. Joining CRS represents a shift in his career, but also a continued dedication to expand sustainable practices. Matthew continues to build his career in the renewable energy industry, and hopes to one day have solar panels of his own.

Swaroop RajuSwaroop Raju
Green-e Energy Verification Associate

Swaroop joined the CRS team in June as a Verification Associate for Green-E Energy. Before he came to CRS, Swaroop worked on corporate greenhouse gas reduction strategies for the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3). He has also been active in the electric vehicle space through his work at BC3 and EVadvise, an independent electric vehicle consulting firm. Swaroop received a Bachelors in Environmental Biology from Pomona College, where he focused on conservation biology and climate change policy.

JP RoseJ.P. Rose
Legal Intern

J.P. is a summer legal intern at CRS, and is a rising third-year student at Santa Clara University School of Law. J.P. also has interned at the Center for Biological Diversity and the UN Economic Commission for Europe's Aarhus Convention in Geneva. Prior to law school, J.P. was a paralegal for three years at Berry, Appleman & Leiden. He enjoys hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and sharks.

Come Work With Us

You?Now Hiring: Development Manager
CRS is seeking a qualified applicant for the regular half-time position of Development Manager. The Development Manager is critical part of the CRS team, responsible for guiding the development of all funding proposals, tracking and reporting on the progress of each CRS program, and assisting with donor cultivation, event production, database maintenance, and social media. In addition, the Development Manager will work closely with the executive director and CRS Board to implement an individual donor program.

For the full description of the position and to apply, see CRS Jobs.

Green-e News


Green-e Climate Following the 60-day open stakeholder comment period for updates to the Green-e Climate Standard which ended on May 25th, comments were compiled, summarized, and presented to the Green-e Governance Board, along with CRS Staff responses and recommendations, at its meeting on June 2, 2011. The Board approved the proposed changes and voted to adopt Version 2.0 of the Green-e Climate Standard. Both the new version of the Standard and a summary of the significant changes are posted here on the Green-e Climate website. You can also visit the Program Development page for a summary of stakeholder comments, and previous versions of the Standard.

Green-e Climate Staff has also completed a revision of the Green-e Climate Code of Conduct. Both the new version and a summary of the changes are posted on the Green-e Climate website. The revised Code of Conduct will go into effect immediately for new participants, and current participants will have one year to come into compliance with new or revised requirements. Please contact Green-e Climate with any questions about the new documents.

Green-e Climate has completed initial reviews of reporting year 2010 verification submissions from participants. Preliminary data indicates another year of double-digit growth of certified offset sales. Such marked growth indicates that the Program is gaining value among offset providers and purchasers alike. Look for the forthcoming 2010 Green-e Verification Report for official numbers and more details.


Green-e Energy I Just Want to Verify: Each year, once total Green-e Energy certified sales data is verified and aggregated, staff compiles an Annual Verification Report. This year, we will be holding a webinar to present the data, provide comparisons to previous years, and discuss voluntary market growth. Watch for details on this event, to be held in October. So far, data collected indicates overall growth in certified sales of 22%.


Green-e Marketplace

New Resource Bank BannerGreen-e Marketplace Featured Company: New Resource Bank. New Resource Bank provides financial services from business to personal banking that support sustainable and social ventures. With their LEED Gold corporate headquarters and a comprehensive sustainability strategy, New Resource Bank puts their commitment to sustainability into their business practices. New Resource Bank purchases Green-e Certified Renewable Energy to offset 100% of the electricity used for its entire operations. For more about New Resource Bank, visit their website. [Learn more about Green-e Marketplace]


CRS Resources

Green-e Resources

Welcome New Green-e Energy Participants

  • • Clearview Electric
    • North American Power and Gas, LLC
    • The Offset Project

Welcome New Green-e Marketplace Participants

  • • Appleton Coated
    • Designer's Press Inc.

Upcoming Events

  • Climateride banner
    Climate Ride
    How can you enjoy an incredible 5-day bicycle ride in Northern California while supporting CRS? Climate Ride—the nation's largest environmental cycling event—has accepted us as a beneficiary for this year's California ride, which runs from October 2–6 and travels from Eureka to San Francisco. More information here, or participants can currently register for the ride online at

  • Webinar: Introduction to Green-e Marketplace
    Thursday, Sept 15, at noon PDT. CRS will offer a free webinar about Green-e Marketplace, a program that recognizes organizations using certified renewable energy and enables them to demonstrate their environmental commitment through the use of the nationally recognized Green-e logo. Register Now

  • Renewable Energy Tech 2011 banner
    RETECH 2011
    September 20–22, 2011. Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C. RETECH assembles all of the renewable energy technologies, industries and applications in one place; providing government officials, utilities, financial professionals, technology leaders, industry executives, engineers, and other professionals a one-stop annual update on renewable energy. Register today and save! Based on your membership status with a Supporting Organization of RETECH 2011, you can receive a 10% discount. Register with Promotional Code: CRS11 to receive your discount. Visit Website

  • Webinar: 2010 Green-e Verification Report
    Wednesday, October 19, at noon PDT. Cost: Free. The 2010 Green-e Verification Report will be released on October 18, 2011, detailing renewable energy and carbon offset figures for all three Green-e programs for 2010. Register Now

  • Webinar: Inside Carbon Offset Purchasing: Sourcing, Certification, and Claims
    Thursday, September 29, at noon PDT. Cost: $35. This comprehensive webinar will present Center for Resource Solutions’ vision of credible voluntary offsetting, from the role and value of offsetting in corporate environmental strategies to the ideal use of offsets, and the identification of credible offset retailers and products. Register Now

  • Webinar: Introduction to Green-e Climate
    Thursday, October 27, at noon PDT. CRS will host a free webinar about the Green-e Climate certification program and how it works within the larger voluntary carbon offset market. Register Now

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