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  Green Power Board Approves Virginia Standard  
  Rhode Island GreenUp Program Launch  
  Green-e Highlights for 2003  
  CRS Annual Report 2002/2003  
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The Green-e News highlights timely Green-e Program topics for competitive and regulated electricity markets, and tradable renewable certificate markets including regional news, outreach efforts, policy changes and verification updates.
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Green-e at a Glance
Green-e Certification is available for wholesale, retail, resale and commercial electricity products, tradable renewable certificates (TRCs) and utility green pricing programs in the U.S. Certified products are available in all 50 states.
53 certified products; 94 participating marketers and utilities
2 million MWh of certified supply served in 2002
Nationwide, 147,000 households and businesses purchase Green-e
If you are interested in supporting Green-e or other programs administered by the Center for Resource Solutions go to: Network for Good at and type "Center for Resource Solutions" into the organization search engine.
Support Businesses Buying Green Power
  Look for products bearing the Green-e Logo in a grocery store near you. Lundberg Family Farms became the first company to place the Green-e logo on products you can find in your local grocery store.
  Lundberg Family Farms purchases Green Certificates from 3 Phases Energy to offset 100% of the energy consumption for all of their rice processing plants.

In 2003, Interface Fabrics was the first company to place the Green-e logo on their products. Interface Fabrics purchases Green Tags from Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset 100% of the production of their Terratex line of commercial fabrics with renewable energy.

Nearly 9,000 businesses and organizations purchase Green-e certified renewable energy. Recently, twenty-eight companies and organizations signed logo-use agreements with CRS for authorized use of the Green-e Logo to promote their purchase. These renewable purchasers are displaying the Green-e logo on websites, in building lobbies, and on their product packaging. The Green-e "Made With Certified Renewable Energy" product labeling initiative will expand promotional opportunities and offer an exciting new channel for purchasers to gain recognition and encourage consumers to purchase certified renewable energy. During 2004, consumers can look forward to seeing the Green-e logo on more products ranging from tea, soymilk, paper, fabric, beer and rice. We will keep you updated on Green-e labeled products as they develop.

  For more information on the Green-e Product Labeling Initiative visit: or contact Këri Bolding, at
Green Power Board Approves Virginia Standard
  The Green-e Green Power Board met on January 22, 2004. The board approved the inclusion of Virginia into the Mid Atlantic Standard. Any electricity provider selling a green power product in Virginia that meets the Green-e standard for the Mid-Atlantic region may now apply for Green-e certification. The Mid Atlantic Green-e Standard applies in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C.

The Board also approved changes to the geographic sourcing boundaries for renewable electricity products in the Mid-Atlantic. Because of the expansion of the PJM power pool, the Green Power Board approved expansion of the geographic sourcing boundary by relying on state boundaries in competitive states into which the PJM power pool expands. Eligible renewable resources may now serve Mid-Atlantic customers if the renewable generator is located in: 1) the Mid-Atlantic Green-e Region: VA, PA, DC, DE, MD and NJ; or 2) the competitive states of Illinois, Michigan and Ohio; or 3) an area of the PJM interconnect in WV, NC, KY, IN and TN.

The Board approved requiring geographic disclosure on all electricity product content labels as is required on labels for TRC products. The generation location will be specified by state or sourcing region.

For more information on these policy decisions, please contact Gabe Petlin at

Rhode Island GreenUp Program Launch
  On March 30th, residential and small business customers served by Narragansett Electric Company (NECo) received information with their monthly electricity bill on choosing renewable energy for a modest premium without having to switch to another electricity provider. The program, called GreenUp, allows independent green power providers to partner with the large Rhode Island utility and directly offer residential and business customers brand-name certified renewable energy choices. Now, 465,000 Rhode Island residents have an easy way to choose Green-e certified energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, small and low-impact hydro and biomass. Three of the four suppliers offer Green-e certified products through Narragansett Electric: Community Energy, People's Power and Light, and Conservation Services Group. Consumers can look for the Green-e logo on their utility bill insert to easily identify renewable-based energy products that meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards.
  For more information on Rhode Island's GreenUp Program contact Gabe Petlin at or visit
Green-e Highlights for 2003
  The Green-e Program experienced tremendous growth in 2003, including these highlights:

Green-e certified products nearly doubled with the addition of 28 renewable energy products in all three renewable energy markets: tradable renewable energy certificate markets, restructured markets and regulated markets

In 2003 the number of providers offering Green-e certified TRCs increased from 6 to 17. Green-e certifies over 80% of TRC products available in the U.S.
Green-e certified 16 new electricity products available in restructured markets. Green-e currently certifies a total of 18 electricity products offered by 11 different providers in restructured states: New York, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts.
The City of Palo Alto Utility Green Pricing Program joined the Green-e roster of accredited utility Green Pricing Programs.
Green-e co-organized the Rhode Island Green Power Campaign, the Wisconsin Green Power Procurement Workshop and the Annual Green Power Leadership Awards held at the 8th National Green Power Marketing Conference. Green-e also resumed its popular Marketers' Marketers Group.
Because of Green-e's increased outreach efforts, the Green-e website received 102,000 individual web hits, and the toll-free number received 1,700 individual callers; both of which are records highs since the collapse of electric competition in California.
  For more information on Green-e go to: or contact Carrie Harvilla at
CRS Annual Report reveals…
  CRS recently published its annual report covering 2002 and 2003. Highlights include:

CRS Program summaries and overviews of organizational activities nationally and internationally.
Information on CRS efforts to form a coordinated system of North American renewable certificate tracking and accounting entities.
Developments of the new Public Renewables Partnership, an initiative dedicated to enabling public organizations and cooperatives to effectively integrate renewable energy into their power portfolios and business strategies.
Details on the CRS China Renewable Energy Program and its continued influence renewable energy policy in China, with highlights on other international initiatives.
The 2002-2003 Annual Report is avaliable with other publications in the CRS Library of Documents on the CRS website.
For direct access, visit:
New Product Certifications
  The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomed the following new suppliers and products to the Green-e Program in Winter 2004:

The following companies are offering Green-e certified electricity products to customers in the Narragansett Electric service territory, Rhode Island:

  IConservation Services Group offers Greener Watts New England, with 100% renewable resources from wind, landfill gas, solar and low impact hydropower.
  Community Energy Inc. offers New Wind Energy and Water, with renewable resources from wind and eligible hydropower. Customers may choose a 100% or 50% renewable option.
  People's Power and Light offers New England GreenStart Rhode Island 100%, with 100% renewable resources from wind, solar and eligible hydropower.
  TRC Certifications
  Pepco Energy is now offering PESGreen, 100% new renewable TRCs to commercial customers.
  Discontinued Certifications
  EnviroGen's Think Green!, offered in New York, is no longer Green-e certified.
  Green Mountain Energy discontinued it's Pennsylvania product, EnviroBlend. Green Mountain's Pennsylvania customers can still choose the Green-e certified Nature's Choice product.
  Sterling Planet's electricity product offered in New York, Sterling Green, is no longer Green-e certified.
  For more information on Green-e go to: or contact Carrie Harvilla at
Renewable Energy Certificate Requests for Proposals

GSA & EPA Renewable Energy Certificate RFP: GSA issued a Renewable Energy Certificate RFP (solicitation number GS-00P-04-BSC-0295) for various GSA and EPA sites in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The CBD announcement and RFP are available on GSA's "Federal Business Opportunities" web site at:

Technical information is due on April 22 and prices are due on April 27. Note that you can also search for GSA RFPs using the solicitation number (without the dashes) at

For more information contact: Ken Shutika at (202) 260-9713, Fax (202) 205-5049,

IDESC Renewable Energy Certificate RFP: The Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) issued a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) RFP on behalf of 4 EPA facilities - Las Vegas, NV; Duluth, MN; Grosse Isle, MI and Washington DC. The RFP is available on DESC's web site at . Technical information is due May 17 and pricing is due May 24.

For more information contact: Andrea Kincaid (703) 767-8669, .

Past Meetings
  Green Power Board Meeting

January 22, 2004
Please see the article above for a description of board decisions.

Green-e Midwest Advisory Committee Standard Setting Process
Green-e staff are working with Midwest stakeholders to develop recommendations for Green-e standards in five Midwest states: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky. Issues under discussion now include: eligible renewables, geographic sourcing boundaries, the new renewables start date, and minimum percentage requirements for new renewables.

A formal draft proposal for Midwest Green-e Criteria accompanied by an electronic comment ballot will be circulated in late Spring 2004. Once circulated there will be approximately 45 days for public written comment. All stakeholders and the public will be welcome to comment on the draft criteria. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Midwest Green-e Advisory Committee, please contact Kassie Rohrbach at

Marketers' Marketers Group (Conference Calls)
January 14th, 2004
This call featured Brian Keane of Smart Power, and covered their latest efforts to test national messages about renewable energy with consumer focus groups.
February 11th, 2004
This call covered the topic: In Bound/ Out-Bound Call Centers: Do They Work for Green Power? How Are They Affected by "Do Not Call" Legislation? Featured speakers included: Jim Burke, head of the "Greenergy" program at Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and his call center team; Kim Ellerman of The EverGreen Energy Group; and Bill Bryce of Edge Teleservices.
April 14, 2004
This call discussed the results of SmartPower's research to develop effective renewable energy marketing messages. The topic was: Clean Energy: It's real. It's here. It's working. Brian Keane of SmartPower, joined the MMG again to report on developments of the Clean Energy campaign and strategy for roll out in Rhode Island. MMG members heard the official results of the market research, saw the print, radio and TV advertising pieces developed, and shared their ideas for using these concepts for a national demand building campaign.
Green Power marketing and program staff interested in joining the MMG should visit the website or contact Këri Bolding, at
Pacific Northwest Green-e Advisory Committee Meeting (Portland, OR)
March 1st, 2004
The Pacific Northwest Green-e Advisory Committee met in Portland to discuss the Green-e process, to review Green-e Code of Conduct, to approve proposed criteria for percent-of-use (blended) products, and to consider new stakeholders to invite.
Upcoming Meetings
  Power Marketer's Advisory Committee Meeting (PMAC) (conference call)

April 20, 2004 2:30 - 4:00 pm EST
PMAC members will convene to discuss the Green Power Board decisions, a new Marketing Compliance Review policy, Green-e Secondary Logo-use and the interaction between Green-e certification and certificate tracking systems. For more information contact Kassie Rohrbach:

California Green Pricing Advisory Committee Meeting (San Francisco, CA)
May 12, 2004
The California Green Pricing Advisory Committee meeting will kickoff the standard setting process for a final California Green Pricing Accreditation Criteria and propose updates to the existing California direct access Green-e standard. The current interim Green Pricing standard is available at If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder for the Green-e California Advisory Committee, please contact Carrie Harvilla at
Marketers' Marketers Group Conference calls
June 9, 2004, 1 pm EST, 10 am PST
Topic: Press the Flesh: Marketing Renewable Energy through In-Person Consumer Contact. Talk with experts in the field and review the pros and cons of in-person marketing to consumers through sales methods such as: tabling, door-to-door, point-of-purchase, and large event-based acquisition.
August 11, 2004
Topic: Guerilla Marketing: Getting Maximum Results for Minimum Resources through Unconventional Marketing Methods-experts relate low-cost strategies to get the word out and achieve visibility for your product.
Green Power marketing and program staff interested in joining the MMG should visit the website or contact Këri Bolding, at
Upcoming Events
  CRS will present and/or exhibit at the following events this spring:
  Meeting Federal Renewable Energy Goals (Seattle, WA)

April 29, 2004

EMA 8th Annual Spring Meeting (New Orleans, LA)
May 3-5, 2004
Go to:
24th Annual Utility Energy Forum (Tahoe City, CA)
May 5-7, 2004
Go to:
Penn Future's 4th Annual Green Power: Turn it On! Getting to 10% (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
May 12, 2004
Go to:
Past Events
  CRS presented and/or exhibited at the following events:
  Marketing Green Power (Denver, CO)

February 2-3, 2004
CRS was a conference presenter
Go to:

The Midwest Tradable Renewable Credits Workshop (St. Paul, MN)
February 24, 2004
CRS was a conference presenter
GO to:
POWER-GEN Renewable Energy (Las Vegas, NV)
March 1-3, 2004
CRS was a conference presenter
Go to:
Clean Energy Message & Marketing Summit (Providence, RI)
March 31, 2004
Go to:
Penn State Clean Energy Expo (University Park, PA)
April 2-3, 2004
Go to:
AWEA Wind 2004 (Chicago, IL)
  March 28-31, 2004
Go to:
Forging North American Energy Security (Monterey, Mexico)
  CRS presented at this event
Go to:
Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference (Chapel Hill, NC)
  April 2-4, 2004
Go to: