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  Democratic National Convention Powered by Green-e Certified Renewable Electricity  
  Green-e Certified Power Grows to 3.2 Billion KWh in 2003  
  Green-e Policy Updates: California, Midwest, Ohio  
  2004 Green Power Leadership Awards  
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The Green-e News highlights timely Green-e Program topics for competitive and regulated electricity markets, and tradable renewable certificate markets including regional news, outreach efforts, policy changes and verification updates.
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Green-e at a Glance
Green-e Certification is available for wholesale, retail, resale and commercial electricity products, tradable renewable certificates (TRCs) and utility green pricing programs in the U.S. Certified products are available in all 50 states.
60 certified products;
100 participating marketers and utilities
3.2 Billion kWh of certified electricity sold in 2003
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Democratic National Convention Powered by Green-e Certified Renewable Electricity
  Green-e certified renewable electricity will power the 2004 Democratic National Convention at Boston's FleetCenter July 26th through 29th. The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and Boston 2004 are working with the Center for Environmentally Responsible Conferences (CERC) and Constellation NewEnergy, supplier of certified renewable electricity; to match the electricity needed to operate the FleetCenter and the associated media workstations during the four-day Convention with certified green power. Constellation NewEnergy offers commercial customers in New England and New York the option to purchase Green-e certified ReNew Energy, comprised of electricity from a variety of renewable sources, including new wind, new landfill gas, small hydroelectric and biomass sources.
  By purchasing Green-e certified renewable electricity for the Convention, the DNCC and Boston 2004 are directly supporting the development of renewable energy technologies, which emit very low levels of greenhouse gases and displace energy derived from power plants that depend on fossils fuels. For more information, please see our press release or contact Këri Bolding, at
Green-e Certified Power Grows to 3.2 Billion KWh in 2003
  Sales of Green-e certified electricity grew by 68% in 2003 topping 3.2 Billion kWh. This is according to un-audited preliminary verification results for Green-e renewable electricity sales in 2003. TRC sales accounted for the majority of the growth. The official audited 2003 results and report will be available on the Green-e Web site in the fall.
For more information, please contact Jennifer Martin, verification Manager at

Green-e Policy Updates
Revised Green-e California Green Pricing Standard Under Review
  Green-e convened the California Stakeholders Advisory Group on May 12, 2004 in San Francisco to review the current draft of the Green-e California Green Pricing Standard. Green-e used the comments and discussion from this meeting to revise the Standard and on July 1, 2004 sent a revised standard and comment form to California Stakeholders for a 30-day comment period. These comment forms are due to CRS on July 30, 2004. For more information, please contact Siobhan Doherty at
Green-e Midwest Standard Under Review
  On June 17, 2004, Green-e distributed a draft standard to the Midwest Stakeholders Advisory Group for a 45-day comment period ending August 2, 2004. The proposed Midwest standard covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Kentucky. Other Midwest states that already have a Green-e standard include: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio. When complete, Green-e will have standards in place in all restructured states. For more information, please contact Kassie Rohrbach at
Revised Green-e Ohio Standard Under Review
  On April 22, 2004, Green-e distributed a revised standard to Ohio Stakeholders Advisory Group for a 30-day comment period, which ended on May 20, 2004. The revised competitive electricity standard is being proposed as the Green-e Ohio Green Pricing standard. The revised standard was recirculated for Ohio Advisory Committee members to review and comment on a stakeholder-suggested modification. Green-e is collecting responses through July 21, 2004. Once the comment period is closed, Green-e will forward all comments to the Green Power Boards for final decision on revisions to the Ohio standard. For more information, please contact Kassie Rohrbach at
2004 Green Power Leadership Awards
In 2004 the Center for Resource Solutions received more nominations for the Green Power Leadership Awards for Market Development than in any previous year. Recipients will be announced at the Ninth National Green Power Marketing Conference, October 4-6, 2004 in Albany, NY. For more information on the conference and a list of past recipients, please see:
Read the Good Stuff
  Check out the Worldwatch Institute's Good Stuff? A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Things We Buy, which provides information on the environmental impact of consumption and includes an article on electricity consumption, contributed by the Center for Resource Solutions' Carrie Harvilla. To read the full publication, please visit:
New Product Certifications
  The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomed the following new suppliers and products to the Green-e Program:
  Through Alliant Energy's Second Nature program, 500,000 utility customers in Iowa and Minnesota have the opportunity to purchase Green-e certified renewable energy.
  People's Power & Light has a new Green-e certified product offering in Rhode Island; New England Green Start RI 50%.
  TRC Certifications
  Viking Wind offers Wind Generated certificates to commercial customers. For more information, contact Kelly Lloyd at Kelly@enxco.
  Nuon Renewable Ventures now offers PVUSA TRCs to customers. For more information, contact Matt Cheney at
  Discontinued Certifications
  Big Green Energy's GeoVerde Energy Commercial/Wholesale TRCs offered Nationwide are no longer Green-e certified. For more information, see
  Recent False Claims of Green-e Certification
  In the last four months Green-e learned of some green power marketing companies claiming Green-e certification for non-certified products. These companies include: Krystal Planet and Ohms Energy. The current and updated list of Green-e certified products can always be found at:
  New Products and Organizations Using the Green-e Logo
New Products Labeled with Green-e Logo
  Harris Ranch Napa Valley LLC's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; for more information, see the Harris Ranch Web site at
New Organizations Using the Green-e Logo
ReCellular, Inc.
Harris Ranch Napa Valley, LLC
Bishop Ranch Veterinary Clinic
Beautyland Beauty Supply
Stanford Terrace Inn
Past Meetings
  Power Marketer's Advisory Committee Meeting (PMAC) (conference call)

April 20, 2004 2:30 - 4:00 pm EST
PMAC members convened to discuss the Green Power Board decisions, a new Marketing Compliance Review policy, Green-e Secondary Logo-use and the interaction between Green-e certification and certificate tracking systems. For more information, please contact Kassie Rohrbach at

Marketers' Marketers Group (Conference Calls)
June 9, 2004, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST
This call covered: Press the Flesh: Marketing Renewable Energy through In-Person Consumer Contact. Featured speakers included Brett Beerly, Community Energy, Inc., Andy Noel, Green Mountain and Gary Harris, Tennessee Valley Authority. These expert speakers reviewed the pros and cons of a variety of in-person marketing strategies. For more information see; /
Green Power marketing and program staff interested in joining the MMG should visit the website or contact Këri Bolding, at
California Green Pricing Advisory Committee Meeting (San Francisco, CA)
May 12, 2004
Please see Green-e Policy Updates section above for more information.
Texas Advisory Committee
  Tuesday, July 20, 2004, 1 PM - 4:30 PM CST
The Texas Advisory Committee will be meeting in Austin, TX to discuss a proposal for a temporary variance in the ERCOT delivery requirement of the Texas Green-e Electricity Standard. For more information, please contact Siobhan Doherty at

To learn more about certified renewable energy available throughout the US, visit, or call 888.63.GREEN.
Green-e is a program of the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a national nonprofit organization that makes it easier for people and organizations to use renewable energy