Autumn 2006 issue   
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Happy Autumn from the Green-e Team!
This newsletter may look a little different than past issues, but we're still the same certification program that brings customer confidence to the renewable energy marketplace. We hope you enjoy the new format of the Green-e website and newsletter.

"How do I know my RECs are making a difference for reducing carbon emissions?" Over the past few months there has been a good deal of speculation about the role of renewable energy in mitigating the risks of climate change. We would like to assure you that Green-e certification criteria by design includes several provisions to ensure that Green-e certified renewable energy products are making a real difference. Several marketers of Green-e certified products drafted a discussion paper addressing these issues. Click here, to learn more.

The Green-e News highlights timely Green-e program topics for competitive and regulated electricity markets, and renewable energy certificate markets including regional news, outreach efforts, policy changes and verification updates. If you know someone that would like to receive the Green-e News, sign-up or contact: news [at] green-e [dot] org.

The Latest & Greatest: Headlines

Green-e Consumer Product Labeling Fees and News for Green-e Participants
The Green-e Consumer Product Labeling Program continues to experience remarkable growth with the addition of 22 new companies in 2006 totaling more than 200 consumer products displaying the Green-e logo. The program's success has also produced some growing pains. Based on feedback we've received from program participants and staff, the Product Labeling Program (PLP) is undergoing a revamp.

Under the direction of Karen Loida, the new Director of Business and Promotional Services, CRS will work to simplify the program over the new few months. In an effort to improve and restructure the program all new logo use requests will be put on hold until January 2007. If this causes issues with any of your customers, please let the PLP staff know, as our intent is not to slow down momentum in the program. We understand that participation in this program is a major incentive for business purchases. Once the revamp is complete, Green-e staff will distribute and post the revised program materials on the Green-e website. We appreciate your understanding.

In addition, many are already aware that when the Green-e Logo Use fee was implemented, we offered each green power purchaser the opportunity to participate in the Green-e Product Labeling Program for free for the first year. In August 2006, due to increased administrative costs as a result of the exponential growth of the program, we no longer offered thisfirst year free option.

Karen welcomes and appreciates any feedback, particularly what's working and what can be improved. Comments can be sent to karen [at] resource-solutions [dot] org.

Green-e Retail Carbon Reduction Certification
The Green-e program convened an advisory group to assist in the development of a certification standard for retail carbon emissions offset products. The group's work will be released for stakeholder comment periodically over the next few months. If you would like to be included as a stakeholder in this process, please contact Alex Pennock at alex [at] resource-solutions [dot] org. If you are a member of the press and would like to receive updates on the group's progress, please contact Jeff Swenerton at jeff [at] resource-solutions [dot] org. To read the full press release, click here.

Wells Fargo Becomes the Second Largest REC Purchaser in the United States
We are excited to report that the second largest REC purchase in the history of the United States is Green-e certified. Wells Fargo purchased enough RECs from 3 Phases Energy to account for 40 percent of Wells Fargo's total U.S. energy consumption. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the purchase makes Wells Fargo the top retail buyer of renewable energy in the United States outside of the federal government. To read the full press release, click here.

Check Out the New Green-e Website!
We have a new website and a new newsletter format! The brand new website will feature a new way for consumers to browse the many Green-e certified options available to them. Participants in the Green-e program will enjoy new automated systems and a new organizational structure to aid them in obtaining the information they need for verification, marketing compliance review, and more. We also gave the Green-e News a makeover! Let us know what you think: webmaster [at] green-e [dot] org.

Recent Green-e Board Decision
The Green-e Governance Board met in June to consider a request by Xcel Energy of Colorado for a one-time policy exemption for the use of RECs from the first 6 months of 2004 for their 2005 sales. This is because the Green-e true-up rules in the Colorado criteria were not firm when Xcel signed their Green-e contract. Xcel agreed in writing that in 2006 and going forward, they will adhere to current national Green-e standards. The Green-e Governance Board approved this request. Click here for full meeting minutes.

The Green-e Governance Board met in September to consider the proposed standard for Community Aggregation and Green Utilities, the Platte River Power Authority application for certification and to discuss whether the Green-e program should have certification criteria that relate to the price of utility green pricing programs. The Board did not come to a final conclusion on the proposed standard for community aggregation and green utilities and will continue to discuss this at future meetings. The Board approved Platte River Power Authority's application for certification. On the pricing issue, the Green-e staff and Board decided that Green-e will not add criteria to the Green-e Energy National Standard regarding price. Pricing will be left to the market and to regulators of utilities. Customers that disapprove of a product's price may elect to purchase Green-e certified renewable energy certificates rather than participate in the green pricing program.

11th National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference
The Eleventh National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference, hosted by the Center for Resource Solutions will take place in San Francisco from December 3rd through 6th. This is the preeminent conference for communicating directly with key renewable energy and green power industry players. Join us and explore ways to design or expand a green power program, increase revenues, effectively market to target consumer segments, and enhance customer satisfaction at the nation's leading green power marketing event. You won't want to miss the insights shared by experts, the interactive discussions, and the outstanding networking opportunities. For more information, go to: If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amber Sharick at amber [at] resource-solutions [dot] org or 415/561-2100.

Wind Energy Works Call for Members
Wind Energy Works! is a national coalition of organizations that aims to educate the public, media, and decision makers at all levels about the benefits wind can provide. Members receive regular updates on issues and events. Wind Energy Works! also highlights and promotes what other members are doing to encourage any relevant collaboration.

The coalition's vision is to be a broad-based alliance of independent voices providing a platform for organizations from the environmental, agricultural, business, health, social justice, faith, and academic communities to promote their combined expertise and perspective on the need for continued wind energy development.

Ready to join? Contact Susan Williams Sloan, ssloan [at] awea [dot] org or 512/220-9063 to learn more.


Green-e Stakeholders
As of November 2, 2006, the Green-e Consumer Product Labeling Program is not accepting applications for a few months. The program is undergoing a revamp and will be back with a new, simplified contract and materials.
Upcoming Meetings

PMAC/UGPAC Annual In-Person Meeting
Sunday, December 3rd at 7:30 PM at the Renewable Energy Marketing Conference in San Francisco (tentative)

Marketers' Marketers Group Annual In-Person Meeting
Wednesday, December 6th at 12:15PM at the Renewable Energy Marketing Conference in San Francisco

Green-e Governance Board Meeting
Sunday, December 3rd at 4:30 PM at the Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco

New Certifications

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomes the following new renewable energy products to the Green-e Program:

Renewable Energy

  • Accent Energy Group offers two Green-e certified electricity options to residential and commercial customers in New York, GoGreenBasic, which is 25 percent renewable and GoGreenPremium, which is 100 percent renewable.

  • offers a new renewable energy certificate product, "Zero Carbon" to residential, commercial and wholesale customers.

  • ConEdison Solutions offers a new electricity product, 100% Wind, to residential customers in Con Edison, Orange and Rockland service territories. For more information, go to their website or call 888-320-8991.

  • Hess Corporation offers three new electricity products to non-residential customers, Hess Green (New York), Hess Green (New England) and Hess Green (Mid-Atlantic). For more information, go to their website.

  • Midwest Renewable Energy Credits, LLC offers a renewable energy certificate product, Top of Iowa Wind RECs, to commercial and wholesale customers. For more information, visit their website or call 641-588-3730.

  • Platte River Power Authority now offers a Green-e certified green pricing program through two of its four member utilities - Longmont's Renewable Energy Program, and Loveland Electric's Green Switch. For more information, visit their website or call 970-226-4000.

  • Xcel Energy's Minnesota Windsource green pricing program is now Green-e certified.

  • Logo Users

  • CTI Paper USA, The Paper Mill Store and World Wind Papers (CTI Paper Group, Inc.) all purchase Sterling Planet's Wind Power certificates to offset 100% of their entire electric load.

  • Forest Ethics, an environmental nonprofit located in San Francisco, purchases 3 Phases Energy's National Wind certificates to offset 100% of their entire operations.

  • Neenah Paper, Inc. purchases Wisconsin Energy's Energy for Tomorrow certificates to offset the electricity used to produce both their EAMES™ and ENVIRONMENT™ paper lines. Neenah Paper is the largest renewable energy purchaser in the entire state of Wisconsin!.

  • National Envelope, the largest envelope manufacturer in the U.S., purchases Sterling Planet's Wind Power certificates to offset the electricity used to produce a portion of their custom and stock envelopes.
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  • Green-e at-a-Glance
    Program Stats
  • 69 certified renewable energy products
  • 153 participating marketers and utilities offer a Green-e certified products
  • Over five million MWh of certified renewable energy sold in 2005
  • 114,500 households and businesses purchase Green-e certified energy products nationwide in 2005.
  • 201 consumer products are labeled with the Green-e Logo.
  • Green-e CRS