Winter 2006 Issue   
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Like blown Valentine kisses and whispered sweet nothings, comments on the new Green-e Retail Greenhouse Gas Product Standard have been steadily floating into the CRS office. And like St. Patrick’s fine single malts, both CRS and Green-e will mature into mellow-but-strong 10-year-olds this spring. With all this cause for celebration in mind, we don’t want to forget to celebrate all of you who have been thoughtful friends and commenters over the past 10 years. For this we can’t thank you enough, and if not for our 503(c)(3) status we would send you all chalky candy hearts and bonbons.

The Green-e News highlights timely Green-e program topics for competitive and regulated electricity markets, and renewable energy certificate markets including regional news, outreach efforts, policy changes and verification updates. If you know someone that would like to receive the Green-e News, sign-up or contact: news [at] green-e [dot] org.

Green-e Program Updates

Green-e Retail Greenhouse Gas Product Certification Standard
The Green-e brand currently hosts two certification programs, Green-e Energy and Green-e Marketplace. CRS is also hard at work developing a third program, Green-e Climate. The comment period for the first draft of the new standard closed on January 31st, 2007.

Green-e staff hosted a conference call with stakeholders on January 23rd to talk through the draft Green-e Climate Standard and answer any stakeholder questions before the comment period concluded. A mp3 of the call is posted here.

If you would like to be included as a stakeholder in this process, please contact Alex Pennock at alex [at] resource-solutions [dot] org. If you are a member of the press and would like to receive updates on the group's progress, please contact Jeff Swenerton at jeff [at] resource-solutions [dot] org. To read the full press releases and stakeholder advisories, click here.

Green-e Marketplace
The Green-e Consumer Product Labeling Program relaunched on January 29, 2007. Based on stakeholder feedback, the retooled program features:
  • A new name - now called Green-e Marketplace
  • Streamlined paperwork
  • A new fee structure
  • An enhanced public educational piece to generate visibility for the renewable energy industry
  • A more informative, user-friendly website

All logo requests received in December and January have been processed. We appreciate your understanding over the past two months and look forward to working with you in our new and improved program. Please visit, or e-mail labeling [at] green-e [dot] org.

Are Texas RECs Texas Toast for Green-e Certification?
In 2005, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 20, which increased the state's renewable energy mandate to 5,000 MW by 2015. Section (m) of that bill states:

(m) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the commission shall ensure that all renewable capacity installed in this state and all renewable energy credits awarded, produced, procured, or sold from renewable capacity in this state are counted toward the goal in Subsection (a).

There is some debate about whether Section (m) indicates that all Texas Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are being applied toward compliance with the state mandate. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas has indicated that the legislature may take up the issue to provide resolution. Until and unless this matter is clarified, Center for Resource Solutions will take a conservative approach and assume that all renewable energy certificates generated in Texas will be considered by the state as retired for compliance with the Texas renewable energy mandate. Therefore, in order to prevent double-counting, the Green-e program will consider Texas RECs to be ineligible for certification unless and until this policy has been finally modified in such a way as to ensure that double counting does not occur.

Companies selling Green-e certified products have already been notified about this policy. We hope the issue described above is resolved to our satisfaction in the near term so that marketers and customers can feel confident buying and selling Texas renewables.

Recent Green-e Board Decision
Green-e is excited to announce certification of the Eugene Water and Electric Board’s new green pricing program, EWEB Greenpower. EWEB Greenpower is a voluntary program to support and build renewable electric generation in the Pacific Northwest. EWEB Greenpower is comprised of wind, small hydro and solar resources located in Oregon and Washington and is sold as either 100 percent of use or in 100 kWh blocks.

We welcome two new Green-e Governance Board members. Betsy Blaisdell of Timberland Company stepped down from the Green-e Board and has been replaced by Erin Meezan of Interface Inc. Jim Marston of Environmental Defense has been replaced by Virgil Welch of Environmental Defense.




Upcoming Events

Green-e staff will speak or exhibit at the following conferences:

2007 Global CO2 Cap-and-Trade Forum Pacific
March 5th - 6th in San Francisco, CA.

US Green Building Council-NCC Meeting
Wednesday, March 14th at 5PM at the AIA Building on Sutter Street in San Francisco, CA.

Utility Energy Forum
Wednesday, May 2nd in Tahoe, CA. CRS to present on new standard at pre-conference workshop.

CERES Conference, Advancing Sustainable Prosperity
April 24th-April 25th in Boston, MA.CRS will speak and exhibit.

US Green Building Council-NCC Meeting
Wednesday, March 14th at 5PM at the AIA Building on Sutter Street in San Francisco, CA.

Upcoming Meetings

PMAC/UGPAC Conference Call
Thursday, February 15th at 10AM Pacific

Marketers' Marketers Group
Wednesday, April 11th at 10AM Pacific

Green-e Governance Board Conference Call
Thursday, March 8th at 9:30AM Pacific

New Certifications

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomes the following new renewable energy products to the Green-e Program:

  • Eugene Water and Electric Board is offering a new green pricing program, EWEB Greenpower to customers located in its service territory.

  • Evergreen Wind Power, LLC offers a 100% wind renewable energy certificate product, Mars Hill Wind Tags wholesale customers.

  • Hess Corporation offers a renewable energy certificate product, Hess Green, to wholesale and commercial customers.

  • Renewable Choice Energy offers a renewable energy certificate product, Clean Source, to wholesale and commercial customers.

  • Xcel Energy Markets offers a renewable energy certificate product to wholesale and commercial customers.

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  • 154 certified renewable energy products
  • 69 participating marketers and utilities offer a Green-e certified products
  • Over five million MWh of certified renewable energy sold in 2005
  • 114,500 households and businesses purchase Green-e certified energy products nationwide in 2005.
  • 201 consumer products are labeled with the Green-e Logo.
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