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Find Green-e Certified Carbon Offsets

Green-e® certified renewable energy and carbon offset products meet the most stringent environmental and consumer protection standards in North America. You can search below for certified green power and renewable energy certificate programs for your home or business, and carbon offset products to offset your emissions from activities like driving and flying. Please note that "Green-e Direct" certifications are private contracts that are not open to new subscribers.

As a third-party certifier, Green-e® doesn't sell renewable energy or offsets, but offers these links to retailers that do.

Company Product Name Details Offset Mix
Green-e Climate Landfill Gas Carbon Offset View Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
Offsets View Various
Planet Green View Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
BEF Carbon Mix View Various -
Landfill Gas Capture, Renewable Energy, Organic Waste Composting, SF6 Reduction (Up to 100%)
Callective Energy Green Gas View Organic Waste Digestion (100%)
CSG CleanBuild Offsets View Various - Renewable Energy, Landfill Methane Capture, Livestock Methane Capture, Energy Efficiency, Coal Mine Methane Capture, AFOLU, SF6 Destruction (Up to 100%)
C-Neutral–Coal Mine Methane View Coal Mine Methane Capture (100%)
C-Neutral–Landfill Methane Capture View Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
Greener Life View 20% Improved Forest Management, 80% Landfill Methane Capture
Zero Gas View Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use (100%)
Carbon Balance View Improved Forest Management, Methane Capture
Green-e Climate Landfill Gas Carbon Offsets View Landfill Methane Capture (100%)
Carbon Balance View Landfill Methane Capture, Forestry
Zero Gas View Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use (100%)
terrapass Mix View Various -
Landfill Methane Capture, Renewable Energy (up to 100%)
Carbon Offsets from WGL Energy View Landfill Methane Capture (100%)