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Marketing Compliance Review Frequently Asked Questions


What is Green-e Energy Marketing Compliance Review (MCR)?

Every year, Green-e staff conduct a review to help program participants refine their marketing and disclosure materials and ensure they are upholding the requirements of the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct. MCR is only performed on Green-e Energy certified products and does not apply to non-certified products. MCR helps program participants maintain transparency with their customers in the marketing and sale of certified products.

When is the submission deadline, and who is required to submit?

The deadline for MCR submissions is always the final business day in August. All Green-e Energy and Green-e Climate participants are required to submit once a year.

What types of materials are required to be submitted for MCR?

Green-e Energy participants are required to submit all materials relating to the marketing and sale of certified products. This includes Historical and Prospective Product Content Labels, Terms & Conditions documents, marketing pieces with and without enrollment/subscription mechanisms, sample invoices/bills, links to any relevant webpages, and any materials that discuss certification or refer to the product without mentioning certification. MCR is a retrospective process to review materials used in the last year.

How does the submission process work?

Materials will be submitted via Submittable, an online submissions software. All participants are required to complete the online submission form and upload all required materials through this software. Once submitted, Green-e staff will review and provide feedback within the software. All communications for the review will be handled within Submittable. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Submittable, see the Green-e Marketing Compliance Review Submission FAQs (for Participants).

How do participants request an extension to the submission deadline?

In order for materials to be reviewed in a timely manner, please submit by the MCR deadline. Green-e grants extensions in limited cases where the participant demonstrates sufficient justification, and extensions are only granted in advance of the submission deadline. Email to request an extension. Participants that do not request an extension and do not submit materials by the deadline will be posted on

How long does it take to process MCR submissions, and how is feedback provided?

Feedback will be provided via Submittable from Green-e staff. Due to the depth of the review process and the volume of submissions received, it may be a few months before Green-e can provide a list of required revisions to correct any issues identified in the review process. Participants are given 30 days to come into compliance with the Code of Conduct requirements.

What happens if a participant fails to submit for MCR or neglects to make the required changes?

As part of the Green-e Energy Certification and Logo Use Agreement, ongoing compliance with Code of Conduct is a contractual obligation for all participants. MCR is the primary process used to confirm compliance with the Code of Conduct or identify issues that must be addressed to achieve compliance. Participants that fail to meet the submission deadline, the 30-day follow up deadline, or a pre-approved extension deadline will be immediately posted on the Green-e website. The certified product name(s) will be removed from the Green-e website upon remedy of the infraction. If the participant does not submit materials or fails to cooperate with Green-e Program staff on required revisions within a reasonable timeline, enforcement and censure activities will be triggered, and the certified product(s) may be decertified. See Section V of the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct.