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Green-e® Energy Code of Conduct Updated to Version 2.2

Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) released Version 2.2 of the Green-e® Energy Code of Conduct on April 2, 2020. The Green-e® Energy Code of Conduct Version 2.2 can be found on the Green-e® Energy Documents page and Green-e Energy Participant Portal.

Major updates include new guidance related to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) in California, updated disclosures for Participants selling certified RECs bundled with non-certified electricity, and restrictions on the term "Green-e® eligible". Green-e® Energy participants are encouraged to review the changes in full to ensure continued compliance with the Green-e® Energy Code of Conduct.

Green-e® Energy Participants will have one year (until April 2, 2021) to come into compliance with v2.2. Questions about this revision should be sent to