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Green-e® Energy Stakeholder Comment Period Open for Entergy Mississippi’s “Renewable Community Option”

Dear Green-e® Energy Stakeholders,

Entergy Mississippi is applying for Green-e® Energy certification from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) for "Renewable Community Option," a new utility green power product offered to its customers in Mississippi. Renewable Community Option is sourced from solar facilities in Sunflower County, MS. This product meets the requirements in both the Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States and the Green-e® Energy Code of Conduct for Canada and the United States:

  • New Renewables: The generating facilities meet CRS's threshold for new renewables.
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Tracking: Resources that are allocated to the program or procured will meet the requirement for beginning operation or having been repowered according to the “New Date” as listed in the Standard.
  • Verification Audit: Entergy plans on using internal auditors to verify the accuracy of our RECs and Green-E RECs. EML’s internal audit has been used for several years in other Entergy Operating Companies.
  • Marketing Compliance Review (MCR): Entergy Mississippi will be participating in the annual MCR where the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) staff confirms that Entergy Mississippi is not making false or misleading statements about their product and that they have made pricing, power, and contract disclosure to customers in a standardized format. In addition to the MCR, Entergy Mississippi is submitting the program marketing materials to CRS to review which was launched in May of 2023.

This 21-day stakeholder comment process is your opportunity to weigh in on the product offering to make sure it meets your needs and expectations. Comments will be provided to the applicant and the Green-e® Governance Board; the Board will review the application, comments, and responses, and consider whether to approve the application for certification of Entergy Mississippi's Renewable Community Option product as submitted or to suggest changes.

The application is available for download below. If you would like to review the Standard or other governing documents, visit Green-e® Energy Documents.

CRS is accepting stakeholder comments on the application for 21 days—please submit any comments by Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Comments can be sent to Please feel free to forward this to other interested parties. Any comments received may be posted on the Green-e® website.

Thank you in advance for your review and feedback on this application.