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Green-e® Energy Procurement Review

Green-e® Energy Procurement Review is available for individual transactions of a Green-e® Energy certified product. Procurement Review is offered to current Green-e® Energy participants on individual transactions that meet specific criteria (listed below). While it does not replace the annual Verification process for participants, it does let participants assure their clients that individual transactions are Green-e® Energy certified, without having to wait for the results of the annual verification.

Procurement Review transactions do not need to be audited again during annual verification, significantly reducing the annual auditing burden. This enables sellers to give more value to their customers by assuring them of the status of their purchases when they need it most.

By offering an expedited certification timeline through Procurement Review, CRS can accommodate the real-time market transactions of intangible commodities while also conveying the benefits of Green-e® Energy certification: risk reduction, quality assurance, and compliance with leading reporting standards such as LEED, the EPA's Green Power Partnership, and RE100.

Procurement Review does not replace annual Verification, and Procurement Review transactions must still be included in your full annual verification submission, but the work does not need to be repeated. This means that the steps that an auditor will need to perform on these transactions during the full process will be significantly reduced.

In order to qualify for the Procurement Review process, a transaction must:

To request Procurement Review for a transaction that meets the above criteria, please complete the Green-e® Procurement Review Form. Additional charges do apply. Contact Green-e® Energy staff at for more information.


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