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Take Action NowFinding Green-e Certified products is simple and easy, whether you are looking for renewable energy or certified carbon offsets—Green-e certified options are available to anyone in the United States. The Green-e logo means that an independent third party certified that the product meets strict consumer-protection and environmental standards. Businesses participating in Green-e Marketplace that purchase or generate a significant amount of certified renewable energy can also display the Green-e logo in order to communicate their commitment to certified renewable energy.

  • Renewable Energy. Find Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy for your home or organization.

  • Carbon Offsets. Find Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets.

  • Organizations using the Green-e Logo. Learn more about which organizations have made commitments to using certified renewable energy.

Ways to Buy Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are created when a renewable energy facility generates electricity. Each unique certificate represents all of the environmental attributes or benefits of a specific quantity of renewable generation, namely the benefits that everyone receives when conventional fuels, such as coal, nuclear, oil, or gas, are displaced. What you pay for when you buy renewable energy certificates is the benefit of displacing other non-renewable sources from the electric grid.

  • Competitive market electricity options in some regions, electricity markets have been deregulated and customers can choose an electricity provider other than their electric utility.  Many of these competitive suppliers offer a renewable energy option.

  •  Utility green pricing programs allow electric utility customers to choose to purchase some or all of their electricity from renewable energy technologies directly from their utility.

Buying Carbon Offsets

A greenhouse gas emission reduction (carbon offset) represents the reduction of a specific quantity of greenhouse gases. When you purchase an offset, you alone have the right to all associated claims about the environmental benefits it embodies. An offset is to be regarded as real environmental commodity, not a donation or investment in a future project. Green-e Climate Certified offsets are sourced from verified projects. The purchase of a Certified offset stimulates market demand for emission reduction projects, leading to more projects that can help mitigate the effect of climate change.