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Green-e Eligibility

Generation designated by CRS as “Green-e®® eligible” may be used by program participants to expedite the Green-e® Energy verification and certification process each June.

Eligibility under the Green-e® Energy program does not mean that the facility, facility owner, facility’s output, or sale of facility’s output are, in fact, Green‑e® Energy Certified.

It simply means that a tracking attestation form for the facility has been submitted to and approved by CRS, and the facility’s output may be used by participants in the Green-e® Energy program to streamline Green-e® Energy verification and certification. For convenience to Green-e® Energy participants, CRS maintains a confidential and proprietary list of electricity generation facilities that have been recognized by CRS as meeting these criteria.

The designation “Green-e® Energy eligible” is only authorized for wholesale transactions, where the buyer is not the end-user of the renewable electricity or REC; in those cases, it is used to indicate that the counterparty will deliver supply that meets specific eligibility requirements in the Green-e® Energy Standard for Canada and the United States.

End-use customers are not protected when they purchase Green-e® Energy “eligible” or “certifiable” renewable energy.

This is because Green-e® Energy “eligible” renewable energy has not been certified by CRS. In other words, CRS has not tracked chain of custody, confirmed retirement, or provided any other assurance that would come as a part of certification. Even if the supply has been deemed eligible for Green-e® Energy certification by CRS, marketing the supply to end-users without a license to use the Green-e® trademark is strictly prohibited. To learn more about eligibility under Green-e, read Tracking Attestations and Eligibility.

To apply for Green-e® Energy eligibility, complete and submit the Green-e Energy Tracking Attestation Form: