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Prohibitions on Term “Green-e Eligible” and Updated Guidance

As detailed in the recently released Green-e® Energy Code of Conduct Version 2.2, Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) now prohibits use of the phrase “Green-e® Eligible” in any context, including wholesale transactions. The term “Green-e® Energy Eligible” was used to describe generation facilities that (a) were registered in a renewable energy tracking system, (b) had signed a Tracking Attestation submitted to CRS, and (c) were reviewed by CRS against certain limited portions of the Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States. CRS discontinued any allowance of such designations because this review was not a guarantee that a facility’s output may be used in a Green-e® Energy certified sale, and CRS seeks to avoid confusion with certified products.

In cases where an alternative to “Green-e Eligible” is required (in supply contracts, for example), the terms “Approved Tracking Attestation on File with CRS” or “CRS Listed” may be used. CRS has provided guidance for Green-e® Energy participants on how to contract for supply with an approved tracking attestation on file which can be found behind the Green-e Energy Participant Portal.

For more information on the Tracking Attestation process and why CRS has discontinued its use of the term “Green-e eligible” see our Green-e Tracking Attestation explainer.