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Second Comment Period Open for the Green-e Renewable Energy Code for Singapore

Green-e Energy seeks feedback on the new Green-e Renewable Energy Code for Singapore ("Singapore Code") and is accepting feedback from all interested stakeholders through 11:59 PM Singapore Time on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 (8:59 AM Pacific Standard Time on Monday, August 28, 2017). The Singapore Code will allow Green-e Energy certification of renewable energy products throughout Singapore, in order to accelerate the development of renewable generation and renewable electricity markets, and to provide consumers a meaningful mechanism through which they can express demand for renewable electricity.

Submit Comments

To submit comments, take the survey or email written comments to with the subject "Singapore Code Comments". You can view a PDF of the survey questions before taking the survey.


Feedback is requested on the Singapore Code overall as well as any specific topics of interest, including:

  • Interaction of renewable energy purchasing and local laws and policies
  • Environmental sustainability criteria for of eligible renewable resources
  • Use of renewable energy tracking systems
  • Support for new and upgraded renewable electricity generators
  • Customer disclosure
  • Future interaction with neighboring electricity grids

Green-e Energy is also releasing for comment an updated draft Terms of Reference document for the Singapore Code. As part of the standard-setting process, CRS has developed the Terms of Reference to lay out out the key issues that the Singapore Code would address, including market value, sustainability, comparison to and compatibility with other existing relevant standards, implementation risk and how to address such risk.

Stakeholder comments on both the Singapore Code and the Terms of Reference are due by 11:59 PM Singapore Time on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 (8:59 AM Pacific Standard Time on Monday, August 28, 2017).

If you choose to take the survey rather than providing written comments, the time needed to complete the survey will depend on which questions you answer and the detail of your responses. If you need to pause while taking the survey (for example, to look up information), you may resume it at any time prior the submission deadline, by using the link that directed you there initially, provided you do so from the same computer and browser. You may also go back and change your answers at any time prior to clicking "Finish and Submit Responses" at the end of the survey.



Contact Us

To learn more about the Singapore Code, contact us at or call 415-561-2100