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Green-e® is the trusted global leader in clean energy certification. We make it easy for businesses and individuals to purchase verified clean energy with confidence, and for consumers to choose sustainable products and services. We advocate for the advancement of clean energy policy, markets, and technology, and believe in their economic and environmental benefits. By working together, we can power a renewable future.

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Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Chile Launches with Viña Concha y Toro Collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (APRIL 13, 2018)—San Francisco–based NGO Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) is developing a new standard for certifying the sale and use of green power in Chile through its market-leading Green-e® certification program.

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East Coast Power & Gas Offers New Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Option

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 26, 2018)—Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced today that East Coast Power & Gas’s “EC Renewable” clean energy program is now certified by Green-e® Energy, North America’s leading independent certification program for renewable energy. East Coast Power & Gas is a leading energy supply company serving residential and commercial customers throughout the New York Metro area. The EC Renewable program is a renewable energy certificate program offered to East Coast Power & Gas’s commercial customers.

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Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States Updated to v3.2

Update includes updated guidance for Washington State supply

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Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Singapore

The Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Singapore ("Standard for Singapore") allows Green-e Energy certification of renewable energy products throughout Singapore, in order to accelerate the development

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2016 Green-e Verification Report

Results and analysis of the 2016 reporting year for the Green‑e certification program. Green‐e Energy certified retail sales reached over 48 million megawatt‐hours (MWh) in 2016, a nearly 10% increase over the previous year and the highest number of certified retail MWh in Green-e history.

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