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Green-e Climate Code of Conduct Updated to v.7.0

Updates include increased flexibility for commercial sales, revisions to guidance and disclosure requirements, and more

This Advisory serves to notify all active Green-e Climate and Green-e Energy participants and stakeholders that a major update to the Green-e Climate Code of Conduct has just been released. The current version is now 7.0. It is available at Green-e Climate Documents, along with the previous version (v.6.4).

Green-e Climate Code of Conduct v7.0 – Summary of Changes

New Format

  • Added Sections: Green-e Climate Processes (includes Compliance Timeline, Participant Obligations and MCR/Verification subsections), Call Center Guidance
  • Removed Sections: Endorsed Programs and Approved Project Types, Offset Cards, Sales Channels

Increased flexibility for commercial customers

  • Extended the historical COCL deadline for customized mix sales to commercial customers from 30 days to March 31 of the year following sale.
  • “Green-e Climate Any” is an option for customized mix commercial only sellers (with some stipulations)
  • For all customized mix sales (commercial), the project list is now a historical disclosure that should be sent with the historical COCL. Doesn’t need to be kept up online but sellers should be able to give buyers a sample portfolio of projects upon request.

Additional Updates

  • Additional and updated Price, Terms and Conditions requirements
  • Revised disclosures (including logo language)
  • Revised disclosure delivery requirements
  • Added mandatory conversion rate for bundled products on COCL + marketing guidance


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